Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Koa's first Jailbreak..

Ok, we thought it was a fluke that when Malaia was 15 months old she was able to climb out of her crib. And to be honest I'm not really sure if that was normal, but based on all of our friends children, not one other child was able to do that at such a young age.

Koa is not as aggressive as Malaia was. Oh he still likes to climb and definitely has his own spirited sense of adventure.. He just seems slightly more reserved than Malaia ever was.  Until, the other night when Ang and I were watching a movie. We had put Koa ih his crib and he cried for a bit and talked for a bit.. and then there was silence. We thought he just fell asleep until we both heard a loud thud. To which I turned to Ang and said "tell me that Koa did not just jump out of his crib".  Ang quickly got up and hurried to his room, opened his door and exclaimed "Oh my god".  Of course instead of going and seeing what she was talking about I yelled to her asking what the matter was.. Two seconds later koa is standing in front of me laughing.. Oh ho got out alright.. Leaving us to ponder why our kids are adept at climbing and escaping...

I say this now.. Malaia is starting Gymnastics(for toddlers) next Wednesday..  and Koa might not be too far behind!