Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oblivious, Hilarious, Proud?

God Bless Malaia, we were about to sit down and eat dinner as a family the other night, when Ang went into the bathroom for a second and noticed that someone had peed on the floor. She asked Malaia if she had peed on the floor to which Malaia replied yes I did and I sorry...

To put things into perspective, Malaia has been potty trained now for several months. She doesn't use a training potty and she doesn't use a training cushioned seat on the big toilet. Instead she uses the big toilet as is, and she has right from the get go. Of course it's a delicate balancing act, but one that she has managed to get down pat.

My initial thought was that she sat too far forward on the toilet and a little pee pee dribbled onto the floor. But it was right after dinner when Malaia and Koa took off down the hall from the kitchen to play, that I noticed an unusual silence, which typically means that something is going on that definitely should NOT be going on.. When I went to check on them I couldn't believe my eyes. Malaia had pulled the training potty(that also serves as a step stool) over to the big toilet and was standing there holding her dress up, and when she saw me she said daddy I missed and I got some on the floor and on my underwear. Yup, she was trying to pee standing up. My first reaction was to explain to her that girls can't pee standing up. But I couldn't help but feel a little bit proud that she wanted to be just like dad.. Is that so wrong?