Saturday, December 19, 2009

Gentlemen start your engines

Koa is on the move. He's been able to sit up on his own really well for some time now, and he can get down onto his belly from the sitting position. It's just that everytime we set him on the floor in a sitting position he is usually on a triple folded blanket to protect him in case he falls.. well this morning I thought I wonder if I just put him down on his belly on the laminate floor, if he'd be able to move yet. I know it's wishfull thinking as he's not quite seven months yet. But he started puching himself backwards and made it clear across the room. Not fast mind you, but on his own. I tried to entice him to switch the gearshift to forward, by placing a few toys in front of him. But alas it only seemed to aggravate him that when he would tried try to move towards them, he would find himself getting farther away. I was so happy that he was moving that I was taken a back that when I laid him down beside me, I noticed that he now has a third tooth.. He's had just the 2 for about 2 months now.. such a happy morning, I had to write it down...