Friday, September 11, 2009

A much needed break

This should be a fantastic weekend! We're taking the kids to Niagara Falls, and it will include a day at Marineland. My mom, came into a little bit of money from the passing of her aunt and wanted to take Ang and I and the kids, my sister her husband and their kids and my dad away for 2 nights all expenses paid. That's my favourite kind of trip.

Having said that it should be a blast. Malaia is getting to the age where everything is super exciting to her. So I look forward to seeing her reactions to all the different animals at Marineland. And of course Koa is still young enough to sleep most of the day away, and when he's not sleeping he's as happy as can be.

Then there's the best part of it all and that is the jacuzzi suites that they've booked for us all for the 2 nights. I can just see myself now relaxing in the tub once the kids have gone to sleep, and needless to say Ang is looking forward to that more than I am. So now I just have to struggle through one more day of work, then it's as ta la vista baby. Time to chill out!!!


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