Friday, July 3, 2009

No sleep, No good!

The joys of parenting.. I have been up since 1:50am, it is currently 4:10 am and I'm beginning my getting ready for work routine.

I woke up with Malaia, as per usual, she's typically up once a night. I went into her room and tried to get her to go back to sleep. She coughed a bit and then puked all over me. After about an hour of sitting with her, she started crying out for mommy. So I went into the bedroom, and asked Ang to take over for me so I could catch a bit more sleep before work.

That's when Malaia thought she'd rather be in our room. So she pretty much laid on my head in bed and played with my face for about the next 50 minutes, all the while asking where the baby is.

Then just as my alarm was about to go off, Malaia bolted from our bedroom and we could here her in the hallway grunting, so we knew she was creating a diaper full of goodness for us. Ang got up and changed her, and it turns out that she has diarrhea.
I'm not mad.. We think she's just going through another phase of teething. I just wish she'd let me sleep on nights that I have to work the next day, and do things like this when I have time off...

Ah well, that's the joys of parenting

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