Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How my summer goes

Every summer, work picks up for me, and every summer Ang heads up to the cottage for what feels like every weekend. This past weekend was no exception, only it was a little different this time. She had both kids with her. Now mind you her parents(it's their cottage)were up there to help her out. As much as I'd have loved to tag along with them, I typically work a full day friday, roughly an hour away from home on average, and am so tired from sluggin drywall all day. I can't bring myself to drive another hour and half up to the cottage. Ang usually heads up friday morning and comes home monday morning. So that limits me to one night and that's providing that I'm not working on the Saturday.

I missed the family this past weekend, for sure. Although, it allowed me to get some work done around the house, that I wouldn't be able to get done otherwise with Malaia crawlin up my leg every waking second. And at the same time while they're relaxing in the sun on the beach or going for walks in the wild. I'm working non stop. Not that I'm complaining. I just wish I could be there too for more than 24 hours. But I digress, construction always booms in the warmer months.

So this friday Ang is packing up the kids again and they're off once more. I do get some decent sleep though when it's just me and the cats. So even though I don't get to see the kids for a few days at a time. There are some pros to the situation. And when I do finally get to see them on the Monday evening it's nothing but a giant hugfest, and it's like they we're never gone!

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