Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The home stretch...

All the craziness is about to come to an end. The house is finally ready, after a 1 week and a half of repairs, painting, carpeting etc.. and will goin gup on the market tommorrow. Now the key will be to keep it as clean as posiible for showings. Although people are going to see the playpen, crib, toys etc and know that we have kids. So hopefully there will be some level of understanding.

In the meantime, Koa continues to grow. He appears to be just as happy a child as Malaia was when she was his age. He's quite content just staring at everything and smiling. He's also cooing a lot more, which is awesome. I love it when babies try to communicate with you.

Mom(Ang) has gone away for a few days with the kids and my sister and her kids, up to the cottage again. And although I'd prefer to be there, it's given me some breathing room to finish all the touch up work to get the house ready. Quite frankly it's hard to do anything with Malaia running around commanding attention. She's really trying to get this potty training thing down with out any help from us. We catch her at least 5 times a day with her diaper off sitting on our toilet(not her little potty). Unfortunately she hasn't been able to go yet, but she's been telling us as soon as she poops now. So it's just a matter of teaching her to let us know when she's GOING to poop! She'll get it soon.

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