Monday, July 27, 2009

Almost There.

Well it only took four days but with some haggling yesterday we managed to agree on an appropriate price for our home. So I guess it pays to keep your home in good condition. I say "almost there", because the normal conditions(home inspection, and financing) have to be met by Friday. There shouldn't be any issue. The house is in great shape and everything works fine, and the couple that have bought the house are a young couple and it's their first home. So there is no waiting for them to sell there old home first. I get the impression that they are still living with their parents or are just renting for the time being. We`ve also found out that the girl is in the health care field so financing shouldn`t be an issue.

So when it's all said and done we should hopefully have a sold sign out in front of the house by Friday or Saturday of this week. Which in turn means we won't have to go crazy cleaning for the next 3 months trying to sell the house and keep it spotless for showings. Then from there the fun part begins. We get to start looking for a new home. Both Ang and I are pretty excited. And exhausted all at the same time. Looking forward to a fresh start somewhere new.