Monday, July 27, 2009

Almost There.

Well it only took four days but with some haggling yesterday we managed to agree on an appropriate price for our home. So I guess it pays to keep your home in good condition. I say "almost there", because the normal conditions(home inspection, and financing) have to be met by Friday. There shouldn't be any issue. The house is in great shape and everything works fine, and the couple that have bought the house are a young couple and it's their first home. So there is no waiting for them to sell there old home first. I get the impression that they are still living with their parents or are just renting for the time being. We`ve also found out that the girl is in the health care field so financing shouldn`t be an issue.

So when it's all said and done we should hopefully have a sold sign out in front of the house by Friday or Saturday of this week. Which in turn means we won't have to go crazy cleaning for the next 3 months trying to sell the house and keep it spotless for showings. Then from there the fun part begins. We get to start looking for a new home. Both Ang and I are pretty excited. And exhausted all at the same time. Looking forward to a fresh start somewhere new.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The home stretch...

All the craziness is about to come to an end. The house is finally ready, after a 1 week and a half of repairs, painting, carpeting etc.. and will goin gup on the market tommorrow. Now the key will be to keep it as clean as posiible for showings. Although people are going to see the playpen, crib, toys etc and know that we have kids. So hopefully there will be some level of understanding.

In the meantime, Koa continues to grow. He appears to be just as happy a child as Malaia was when she was his age. He's quite content just staring at everything and smiling. He's also cooing a lot more, which is awesome. I love it when babies try to communicate with you.

Mom(Ang) has gone away for a few days with the kids and my sister and her kids, up to the cottage again. And although I'd prefer to be there, it's given me some breathing room to finish all the touch up work to get the house ready. Quite frankly it's hard to do anything with Malaia running around commanding attention. She's really trying to get this potty training thing down with out any help from us. We catch her at least 5 times a day with her diaper off sitting on our toilet(not her little potty). Unfortunately she hasn't been able to go yet, but she's been telling us as soon as she poops now. So it's just a matter of teaching her to let us know when she's GOING to poop! She'll get it soon.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wè must be crazy

It's offical. We're going to sell the house. So it's getting absoulutely crazy around here. We're hoping to have the house on the market in 7 days from now. Which means on top of our normal nightly routine with the kids, there`s a whole lot of extra work going on around here.

The timing might not be the greatest, with Koa only being 6 weeks old. But Ang and I both agree the time is right. The challenge will be to try to keep the house spotless with the little tornado called Malaia running around. Especially since we will have to put away a lot of toys for a while.

I hope we can get a quick sale, and reasonable closing date. Our house shows well. So it shouldn`t be to long. Back to the grind.....

Friday, July 10, 2009

Growing and growing up.

Well, Koa is becoming a whole lot more alert now. He is now at the stage where he can recognize my voice and it brings a huge smile to his face. He's getting big too. He's already outgrown all of his 0-3month clothes even though he's only 6 weeks old(yes already). He's not very chubby either. He is just very long. He's also doing really well taking a bottle for me. Which gives Ang just enough of a break in the evening to spend some quality time with Malaia.

Malaia on the other hand is becoming a little person. She is really beginning to use words properly and has even begun to sing a little more which makes me very happy. Hopefully some day we can do a duet. Although it still remains to be seen whether or not she is going to be slightly tone def like her mom.

Now, we've decided to sell our house and it's going to be a mad dash to do some minor repairs, paint etc. Then we have to de-clutter a whole lot of kids toys and be prepared to leave the house on a few moments notice once the showings begin.. In short I'm about to become super busy. I'll try not to neglect my blog, but you may not hear from me for a few days..

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How my summer goes

Every summer, work picks up for me, and every summer Ang heads up to the cottage for what feels like every weekend. This past weekend was no exception, only it was a little different this time. She had both kids with her. Now mind you her parents(it's their cottage)were up there to help her out. As much as I'd have loved to tag along with them, I typically work a full day friday, roughly an hour away from home on average, and am so tired from sluggin drywall all day. I can't bring myself to drive another hour and half up to the cottage. Ang usually heads up friday morning and comes home monday morning. So that limits me to one night and that's providing that I'm not working on the Saturday.

I missed the family this past weekend, for sure. Although, it allowed me to get some work done around the house, that I wouldn't be able to get done otherwise with Malaia crawlin up my leg every waking second. And at the same time while they're relaxing in the sun on the beach or going for walks in the wild. I'm working non stop. Not that I'm complaining. I just wish I could be there too for more than 24 hours. But I digress, construction always booms in the warmer months.

So this friday Ang is packing up the kids again and they're off once more. I do get some decent sleep though when it's just me and the cats. So even though I don't get to see the kids for a few days at a time. There are some pros to the situation. And when I do finally get to see them on the Monday evening it's nothing but a giant hugfest, and it's like they we're never gone!

Friday, July 3, 2009

No sleep, No good!

The joys of parenting.. I have been up since 1:50am, it is currently 4:10 am and I'm beginning my getting ready for work routine.

I woke up with Malaia, as per usual, she's typically up once a night. I went into her room and tried to get her to go back to sleep. She coughed a bit and then puked all over me. After about an hour of sitting with her, she started crying out for mommy. So I went into the bedroom, and asked Ang to take over for me so I could catch a bit more sleep before work.

That's when Malaia thought she'd rather be in our room. So she pretty much laid on my head in bed and played with my face for about the next 50 minutes, all the while asking where the baby is.

Then just as my alarm was about to go off, Malaia bolted from our bedroom and we could here her in the hallway grunting, so we knew she was creating a diaper full of goodness for us. Ang got up and changed her, and it turns out that she has diarrhea.
I'm not mad.. We think she's just going through another phase of teething. I just wish she'd let me sleep on nights that I have to work the next day, and do things like this when I have time off...

Ah well, that's the joys of parenting