Tuesday, June 23, 2009

O.K. put your diaper back on..

Malaia's new favourite thing in the world to do is rip off her pants and diaper and streak for as long as she can. Normally, I wouldn't care. But since she began doing it, she has gone to the bathroom 3 times(pooped) where ever she is. Which so far has been twice on the carpet and once on her bed. Luckily she didn't have diarrhea at the time. So thankfully it was an easy cleanup each time.

I know what your thinking, perfect time to really start to potty train right. Well since we've brought it out she's still only tried to use it the once. And Ang made the mistake of showing her that if you go to the bathroom, a little weight sensor on the toilet plays a magical little tune. It also does it, if you flip the whole toilet upside down and press a button underneath the seat. Whoever, thought that was a good idea should really give there head shake. Every time I go into the bathroom where her toilet is, it's flipped upside down and if it's not and she comes in the bathroom too, she makes sure she shows off her new musical toy. And oh yeah, she understands that toilet paper goes in the toilet.. Only she seems to think it doesn't have to be used first, and that you should use a whole roll every time.

Anyway, it's still taking some getting used to. This whole routine with the 2 kids. So once again, I'll try to post more often. But my free time is very sparse these days. I've even had thoughts of shutting down this blog. But alas, I'd like to keep it going(for now anyway). As a bit of a journal, for both of my kids to read once they get a bit older..