Friday, June 12, 2009

Give us a break.. please no more malfunctions..

Have you ever had one of those weeks, where your just waiting for one more thing to go wrong. Ang and I are just trying to get a hndle on having the 2 kids. Malaia has indeed been sick the last few days. Koa has been sleeping longer between feeds, but he has also been congested and very gassy. So he's doing a lot of extra crying. Which is fine.

But back to one of those weeks.. at the start of the week I went to cut our grass and low and behold my lawnmower crapped out on me. Not that big a deal, I can always borrow one. 2 days later I'm at home and about to go out to the chiropractor for an adjustment, when Ang says to me do you want the bad news before you go? Our Plasma tv went for a crap(just got a quote too and it would cost between $600-900 to fix). So it's going to the dump, and here we sit watching the old tv in the basement. And we just happened to be doing that 2 days ago when Ang asked me yet again if I wanted the bad news? Our washing machine, no longer works. YIPPEE... I can't wait to see what breaks next.

So there, my parenting blog takes a turn for the worse. I just needed to say that all out loud.

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  1. That really such Rich! My vacuum just went and we had to buy a new one. I think spending money on a new vacuum is as much fun as spending one on a washing machine! Maybe you should give kijiji a try to see if there are any good deals on second hand items (lawnmover) or whatever. Hope things turn around for you guys!