Friday, May 15, 2009

Nothing, and stop right there!

9 days to go and still nothing.. This baby has got to be completely content dwelling within the confines of mommy's tummy. Ang has pretty much had it. She wants the baby out yesterday. Anyway the wait continues.....

Malaia on the other hand has been learning a few new things over the past week. She can now put her shirt on by her self. And is oh so close to being able to get her second leg into her pants. She's also really trying to say more new words, and appears to be really working on her pronunciation.

Ang took Malaia to a Osh Kosh store yesterday and for the first time in her life, she wasn't in a stroller in a store. I guess as soon as they walked in Malaia's eyes widened to 3 times there normal size, and she immediately ran from rack to rack to rack to shelf, and amazingly didn't start pulling things off the shelves or hangers, but instead sifted and sorted as if she was a seasoned shopper searching for the perfect outfit. Then she found a pair of shoes she liked and decided she wanted them and that the shopping trip was over. So she threw them over shoulder and proceeded to the front of the store and tried to open the front door. All while Ang stood and watched as our little kleptomaniac tried to shoplift for the very first time in her life. Thank god she couldn't get the door open. I'm not sure bail money is in the budget right now.

Hopefully today is the day and my next post will include a time, weight, name and sex of our new baby.

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