Monday, May 4, 2009

Not yet!

I thought for sure I was getting asked for a chauffeured ride to the hospital last night. Ang said she had some weird things going on with her hips and lower back yesterday, and that she could feel the baby position itself head down in her pelvis.
But alas, still nothing. I think the fact that we went so early last time, is making it hard to wait till full term this time. Today is 37 weeks, so we actually have 3 full weeks until the due date. I still say we're going early, and that it will be soon.
In the mean time we're really stepping up "your gonna be a big sister" routine with Malaia. I think it's starting to sink in, but that until we have physical evidence, she won't fully get it. But on a side note. Every time Ang goes to the washroom now. Malaia wants to pull down her pants, take off her diaper and sit on the toilet. And she mimics the toilet paper wipe routine. So we may start toilet training a little earlier than expected.

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