Friday, May 1, 2009

Nice Guy

I get to see a lot of nice homes in my line of work(drywall). Homes that I would otherwise never, ever get to see unless I would be so fortunate as to win the lottery. Right now, I'm in the middle of doing a house that is probably around 2 1/2million dollars. It's slightly nicer than the average home(snicker). Yesterday the home owner came in and was so genuinely impressed with what we were doing he stayed and chatted with us for about a half hour. Now we've met a lot of home owners that are "too-good" for you type people. But this guy, who's about 40ish, was so nice, you could just tell that he didn't start out wealthy but had earned his money the hard way. So we asked him what he does for a living and he told he owned the bakery/factory that makes english muffins/bagels and muffins for all Tim Hortons, and Loblaws(presidents choice) stores. He just sold the business, and at the time of sale he 550 employees. So he said all he does is drive around all day. Although I'm sure he still in the business in some compacity. Anyway back to the reason I'm writing this. When he was about to leave, he turned and asked us if we shop at Loblaws. We've learned over the years to say yes no matter what, whether we shop there or not. He went out to his car, and came back in with a $100 gift certificate for each of us to the Loblaws food chains. None of us could believe it, usually a nice home owner will buy us a coffee, or a case of beer, or lunch. Not buy us groceries for the week. Needless, to say we we're all pretty excited and it made for a good day yesterday.

On the baby watch, there is still nothing doing. However, Ang did have an OB appointment 2 days ago, and I guess she's 1 1/2cm dilated. Which is supposedly normal. Although made me think about packing a bag. The OB also said she doesn't expect Ang to go into labor for at least another week, unless her water spontaneously breaks. I will keep updating as the time draws nearer.