Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yeah, that has to hurt...

Malaia absolutely loves pretending to do the dishes. We strip her down to her diaper and set her on a chair in front of the kitchen sink, filled with soapy water. We put her bottles in it so she can wash them. For whatever reason it keeps her busy for at least a half hour at a time, which is a huge break for us. There's no screaming, climbing, falling or wanting in the refrigerator. Just the occasional giggle and the sound of the occasional cup full of water hitting the floor(towels), that we strategically placed around the chair beneath her.

Last night, Ang was cooking Malaia some dinner on the stove, which is right beside the sink and when it was done cooking she turned the burner off and moved the pot to a back burner that was not on. A couple minutes passed by and Ang had her back to Malaia looking in a cupboard. Well, Malaia wanted to see what mommy was doing so she turned around and put her hand directly on the element of the burner that was used to cook her dinner. It was still warm enough to make the water on Malaia's hand sizzle and that's when the screaming began.

Malaia received her first burn. I was out at the grocery store, and as I was walking up to the house I could hear the screaming coming from in the house, and as I opened up the door, Ang and Malaia ran by me and up the stairs with the tears just a flowing. I had no idea what was going on, so I followed and realized that Ang was putting Malaia into the bathtub filled with cool water to try distract her and so that she would keep her hand submersed under the water to help with the stinging.

It literally took about 1 hour and half of crying, a short bath, some baby Motrin(ibuprofen), and a half hour of sitting still at the kitchen with her hand in a bowl of ice cold water before she calmed down. She has one fair sized blister and a couple of smaller ones on her right hand. But so far today she hasn't even noticed they are there. OF course Ang felt horrible, she says she thought that the burner would have cooled enough for her to not watch her for a moment. I believe her.

All in all I think we handled the situation as well as we could without anyone losing their cool and Malaia has learned a very small lesson in this thing we call life, and hopefully she won't go near the stove anymore.

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  1. OMG Rich, I am so glad it wasn't any worse!!!!! It is so CRAZY just how quickly things can happen. Glad Ang reacted as quickly and well as she did. I am sure it could have been worse if it wasn't for her fast thinking! Here to hoping Malaia NEVER does that again! :-(