Friday, April 10, 2009

The results are......

To say I'm disappointed, would be an understatement. To have to wait 2 weeks for results, felt like an eternity.

The good news is that Malaia does not have strep throat, mono, and her white blood cell count is normal. That coupled with the fact that she is so young makes it highly unlikely that she has lymphoma. Therefore, she won't have to get a biopsy done at this point in time. Which is a huge relief.

The bad news is that she definitely has a swollen lymph node(thanks doc, we kind of figured that. Remember that's why we brought her to you in the first place), not only on her right side but her left side of her neck as well. The results from the ultrasound were inconclusive. The radiologist simply stating that they needed more info to draw any conclusions.

But back to the good news, her goose bump rash appears to be slowly going away. She's gaining weight and height as per normal. So whatever it is she has isn't slowing her progress down. So the next step in this process is waiting on a referral to a ear, nose and throat specialist. Our family doctor is still perplexed at the size of her one lymph node and is hoping that a specialist might be able to pinpoint the problem. And in the meantime we have another appointment for Malaia in 4 weeks, to do another ultrasound to determine whether the lymph node is growing or actually going back to normal.

On a separate note, Ang and I have still been going through books trying to find similar symptoms, and we came across a pretty close match to what Malaia appears to have. It's called cat-scratch disease. Considering we have 2 cats and that she's been scratched numerous times. It would be a nice fit, if that's all it was. Because you recover 100 percent from it.

But for now we simply have to settle on knowing that she doesn't have cancer. But that we still don't know what it is that she does have. And the wait goes on!

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  1. Thanks for the update Rich, we have been worried about Malaia. We will keep hoping for good news.