Saturday, April 4, 2009

Oops I spoke to soon!

I guess I jumped the gun on my last post regarding full nights sleeps for Malaia. She in fact only had one full night sleep. I just didn't hear here at all the second night. Ang had to get up twice with her. And last night I had to get up once with her. She did at least sleep from 8pm-4am... so not so bad all things considered.

In other news the countdown is on. We are officially 50 days or 7 weeks away from the projected arrival of baby#2. Ang is getting a whole more unconfortable, irritable and tired. She's mostly in good spirits though as we head down the home stretch. I think once we officially find out what's wrong or not wrong with Malaia she'll be a little more at ease.

I am noticing that nesting has begun with her as well. She put Malaia's old day bad back together as a crib yesterday and started prepping the nursery for our next little heavenly spawn.

I also think that this time around, we're a little more knowledgable in the parenting field. So we should be able to get baby #2 on the right track with sleeping right from the get go.. Ah well, it's a learning process and we definitely made some mistakes with Malaia. But other than being sleep deprived she's doing just fine...

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