Friday, April 24, 2009

Malaia and I!

It should be a fun weekend. The weather is supposed to be spectacular here in southern Ontario, and this is the weekend that Ang goes away with her mother. Of course, this is in lieu of the weekend away that I was able to enjoy with a couple of my buddies about a month back.

So it's just Malaia and I. Me and kiddo. I'm looking forward to it. I see a nice trip to the park in our future. Or perhaps a drive to the zoo. All the while I'm going to attempt to not worry about whether or not Ang is going to go into labor or not. She will be approximately 2 hours from home, and I'm hoping that the baby #2 doesn't decide to make their grand entrance 4 weeks early. But we are about 5 days away from when Malaia was born at 36 1/2 weeks. We're kind of hoping that this baby will decide to remain with mommy till at least the 38 week mark.

I'm just hoping that Malaia chooses this weekend to start sleeping through the night. I doubt it, but that would make the weekend perfect!

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  1. Hopefully Ang can hold on to the baby till she gets home.. You and Malaia will have a blast together!