Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It was a good weekend!

My weekend with Malaia went as well as it possibly could have. She slept through the night on Friday, which was a complete shock to me. Then on Saturday morning, my buddy and his 17 month old son, came out at 8:15 in the morning and we took the kids out for a walk in Malaia's brand new two seater wagon. We took them down to the lake where they had fun trying to throw rocks into the water. Then we took them to the park where they had a blast on the swings and slides and just running through the fields chasing a soccer ball.

It was supposed to be just a a few hour play date, but after the 1 1/2 hour adventure out side in the morning, and a good nap they were ready to go again. We ended up in the backyard for about a 45 minute run around. And when it was decided that they were going to stay for dinner, my buddies wife joined us at about 3pm and we were off again in the wagon for another long walk. Malaia had a ton of fun. Although she did have her moments where she did not want Christopher touching her toys and verbally displayed her displeasure.

Saturday night was not quite as good as Friday night. I was kind of hoping that with all that fresh air through the day that she would sleep through the night again. But it was not to be. She was up twice back to back in a 3 hour span.

Ang had a good time where she was. She was hoping for 2 good night sleeps. But she's never been good at sleeping in new places, and she's also at the point in her pregnancy where she just can't get comfortable. She did however enjoy the couple of days away from all things toddler and said she felt refreshed.

So all in all it was good weekend had by all, and that should be the last for quite some time. We are now at 36 weeks and one day into the pregnancy and Ang has 2 more days of work left. We' re ready for baby#2 so come on out kid we're ready for ya!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Malaia and I!

It should be a fun weekend. The weather is supposed to be spectacular here in southern Ontario, and this is the weekend that Ang goes away with her mother. Of course, this is in lieu of the weekend away that I was able to enjoy with a couple of my buddies about a month back.

So it's just Malaia and I. Me and kiddo. I'm looking forward to it. I see a nice trip to the park in our future. Or perhaps a drive to the zoo. All the while I'm going to attempt to not worry about whether or not Ang is going to go into labor or not. She will be approximately 2 hours from home, and I'm hoping that the baby #2 doesn't decide to make their grand entrance 4 weeks early. But we are about 5 days away from when Malaia was born at 36 1/2 weeks. We're kind of hoping that this baby will decide to remain with mommy till at least the 38 week mark.

I'm just hoping that Malaia chooses this weekend to start sleeping through the night. I doubt it, but that would make the weekend perfect!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Into the home stretch!

We're officially at 35 weeks and 1 day into this pregnancy. Ang looks like she's ready to burst. And honestly last night it appeared as if the baby is starting to drop. Like I said in previous posts, Malaia was born at 36 1/2 weeks so it really could be anytime now.

Ang's sister was at our house on Sunday and had her 4 month old baby with her. Up until now Malaia has been somewhat jealous if she saw Ang holding the baby. But this time around she did nothing but give the baby kisses and small hugs. Which really is a huge step in the right direction of us feeling more comfortable about bringing the baby home.

We've also had to introduce "timeouts" to Malaia in the past week. She appears to have understood what it meant almost immediately. Much to the relief of our one cat Pedro who is relieved to not have his hair ripped out on a daily basis. We're hoping that it will be a tool in our arsenal if she becomes a little too aggressive towards the new baby.

We have everything in place now for the baby too. Everything is washed up and awaiting their arrival. The baby room is back to the way it was when Malaia was born and the we have everything prepared right down to the diaper bag for the new baby is all packed up and ready for the hospital. I will keep updating my blog should anything happen earlier than expected..

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yeah, that has to hurt...

Malaia absolutely loves pretending to do the dishes. We strip her down to her diaper and set her on a chair in front of the kitchen sink, filled with soapy water. We put her bottles in it so she can wash them. For whatever reason it keeps her busy for at least a half hour at a time, which is a huge break for us. There's no screaming, climbing, falling or wanting in the refrigerator. Just the occasional giggle and the sound of the occasional cup full of water hitting the floor(towels), that we strategically placed around the chair beneath her.

Last night, Ang was cooking Malaia some dinner on the stove, which is right beside the sink and when it was done cooking she turned the burner off and moved the pot to a back burner that was not on. A couple minutes passed by and Ang had her back to Malaia looking in a cupboard. Well, Malaia wanted to see what mommy was doing so she turned around and put her hand directly on the element of the burner that was used to cook her dinner. It was still warm enough to make the water on Malaia's hand sizzle and that's when the screaming began.

Malaia received her first burn. I was out at the grocery store, and as I was walking up to the house I could hear the screaming coming from in the house, and as I opened up the door, Ang and Malaia ran by me and up the stairs with the tears just a flowing. I had no idea what was going on, so I followed and realized that Ang was putting Malaia into the bathtub filled with cool water to try distract her and so that she would keep her hand submersed under the water to help with the stinging.

It literally took about 1 hour and half of crying, a short bath, some baby Motrin(ibuprofen), and a half hour of sitting still at the kitchen with her hand in a bowl of ice cold water before she calmed down. She has one fair sized blister and a couple of smaller ones on her right hand. But so far today she hasn't even noticed they are there. OF course Ang felt horrible, she says she thought that the burner would have cooled enough for her to not watch her for a moment. I believe her.

All in all I think we handled the situation as well as we could without anyone losing their cool and Malaia has learned a very small lesson in this thing we call life, and hopefully she won't go near the stove anymore.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Same day, two different family functions two different dresses.. Malaia was in her hay day, cause she loves dressing up!

Friday, April 10, 2009

The results are......

To say I'm disappointed, would be an understatement. To have to wait 2 weeks for results, felt like an eternity.

The good news is that Malaia does not have strep throat, mono, and her white blood cell count is normal. That coupled with the fact that she is so young makes it highly unlikely that she has lymphoma. Therefore, she won't have to get a biopsy done at this point in time. Which is a huge relief.

The bad news is that she definitely has a swollen lymph node(thanks doc, we kind of figured that. Remember that's why we brought her to you in the first place), not only on her right side but her left side of her neck as well. The results from the ultrasound were inconclusive. The radiologist simply stating that they needed more info to draw any conclusions.

But back to the good news, her goose bump rash appears to be slowly going away. She's gaining weight and height as per normal. So whatever it is she has isn't slowing her progress down. So the next step in this process is waiting on a referral to a ear, nose and throat specialist. Our family doctor is still perplexed at the size of her one lymph node and is hoping that a specialist might be able to pinpoint the problem. And in the meantime we have another appointment for Malaia in 4 weeks, to do another ultrasound to determine whether the lymph node is growing or actually going back to normal.

On a separate note, Ang and I have still been going through books trying to find similar symptoms, and we came across a pretty close match to what Malaia appears to have. It's called cat-scratch disease. Considering we have 2 cats and that she's been scratched numerous times. It would be a nice fit, if that's all it was. Because you recover 100 percent from it.

But for now we simply have to settle on knowing that she doesn't have cancer. But that we still don't know what it is that she does have. And the wait goes on!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Not again, not now!

The aches set in before anything else. Followed by chills.. the kind you get when you have a fever. I had to sleep with a full jogging suit and socks on last night under the feather duvet. And I was still freezing. And sure enough this morning I woke up with a fever.

I hate when this happens, when Ang is pregnant. I certainly don't want to pass it on to her. And I find it difficult to look after Malaia in this condition. So as I sit here and contemplate whether or not I can actually go and slug drywall today. I find my self considering finding a baby sitter. Ang works all day, and although her father is to come out here and watch Malaia until I get home from work. He's not the type of person that would hang around here, If he knew I was going to be home.

Having said all that I feel bad even complaining about a few aches and pains when I read a blog last night of a very good friend of ours. Over at www.untanglingknots.com. I hope she finds out what went wrong and begins to feel a lot better about hings shortly...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Oops I spoke to soon!

I guess I jumped the gun on my last post regarding full nights sleeps for Malaia. She in fact only had one full night sleep. I just didn't hear here at all the second night. Ang had to get up twice with her. And last night I had to get up once with her. She did at least sleep from 8pm-4am... so not so bad all things considered.

In other news the countdown is on. We are officially 50 days or 7 weeks away from the projected arrival of baby#2. Ang is getting a whole more unconfortable, irritable and tired. She's mostly in good spirits though as we head down the home stretch. I think once we officially find out what's wrong or not wrong with Malaia she'll be a little more at ease.

I am noticing that nesting has begun with her as well. She put Malaia's old day bad back together as a crib yesterday and started prepping the nursery for our next little heavenly spawn.

I also think that this time around, we're a little more knowledgable in the parenting field. So we should be able to get baby #2 on the right track with sleeping right from the get go.. Ah well, it's a learning process and we definitely made some mistakes with Malaia. But other than being sleep deprived she's doing just fine...

Friday, April 3, 2009


I definitely do not want to jinx anything. But we've just had two nights of straight through sleep. Malaia, is finally doing her part to keep some sanity in this household. I want to say I hope it lasts, but I also don't want to be disappointed if she reverts back to her old habits, and the reason I say this is that we have not changed our routine with her what-so-ever. Geez, I'm almost in the I have to much sleep daze, as I type.. I love it!

A quick update as well, we now have to wait until next Thursday to get results from all of Malaia's tests. I'm not happy about it. It's the next available appointment with our family doctor, and when we called, we asked if anything showed up in the blood tests or throat swab. Only to have the receptionist/nurse tell us that she couldn't find the paperwork. I'm aggravated to say the least. If we get results saying that she indeed has a virus and that antibiotics will take care of it. Then I'll be super mad that we had to wait 2 bloody weeks to find this info out. We'll have to wait and see... I'll keep you posted.