Monday, March 2, 2009

You crack me up kid!

Finally, it appears we've all beaten this round of the flu. With the exception of some pretty good coughing going on. But who cares, I feel 900 percent better this morning than yesterday.

Malaia has been really working on pronouncing words lately and it always seems to amaze me when a new word just shoots out of the blue. So it surprised the hell out of Ang and I when she strung a few words together to make a small sentence.

We were in the living room a couple of days ago, and Malaia was tooting up a storm. Ang was about to change her diaper anyway so she checked to see if maybe she done #2 at the same time. She hadn't, but as soon as Ang did up the fresh diaper, and while Malaia was still lying on her back for the change. She started making the sounds and faces that she makes when she's about to drop a deuce. So Ang asked her "are you pooping?" To which Malaia replied "Yeah, I'm pooping". Talk about catching us off guard. We both broke into hysterics. The best we've gotten out of her word wise to date is perhaps a name, or yeah, no, mamma, dad you know the usual words when a baby is first learning to talk.

I can't wait to see what she says next..