Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Things are pretty good...

Malaia is sick again!! But other than that things are really good. She's more or less up and down with a fever. SO we're hoping it's just another epic battle with the teething gods. Although, almost everyone around us is sick in some form or another.

The final piece of the puzzle(the bed)for the new room is being delivered tomorrow. Then Malaia is moving in on Friday. Ang was trying to move some of Malaia's things from the bookcase in the nursery room into the bookcase in her new room today. And every and anything that Malaia could reach was promptly brought right back in to the nursery room. Hopefully the rest of the transition goes su-moothly.

I am super excited about this weekend. Ang has given me the weekend off. Kind of my last break before the new baby comes along. She has a weekend coming up in April that has her and her mother gone for 2-3days. So she felt it was only fair that I had the same kind of getaway. So a buddy(s) and I are heading up to Ang's parents cottage after work on Friday and just flat out chillin out until Sunday. I can't wait, I only hope that the weather is as nice as it has been for the last week or so.. But if it's not who really cares.. I don't have to change a poopy bum, or clean up toys.. Don't get me wrong I'll miss the girls. But this will be a much needed break..