Friday, March 27, 2009

Come on, tell us what's wrong with our Princess!

The doctor didn't really have an answer for us yesterday. We described the rash that she had to him and he immediately thought that Malaia had Rosiola(not sure on the spelling). But when he got to see it, he thought it might be a side effect of Strep throat. So he did a throat swab. Then when we described the bump/swollen lypmh node on her neck, he was taken a back at the size of it. He said they don't typically get that big. Now we have to wait a week for an ultrasound to be done on her neck(like she'll sit still for that) and the poor girl had to get blood work done yesterday as well.

All that this means is that now we have to wait another 7-10 days to get some answers. Unless of course something comes of the throat swab and blood work. Which of course would be great if they did find something such as strep throat and all that was required is some simple antibiotics.

So in the meantime, we're still crossing our fingers that there is nothing significantly wrong with our little girl. And of course stressing out about it.

The one good thing that happened for Malaia yesterday was that when they were done taking blood, they asked Ang if Malaia could have a sucker. She doesn't usually get straight sugar candy but she had a pretty rough day yesterday so Ang gave it to her. She thought it was most delicious. And refused to give it up even for a second, and actually fell asleep with it in her hands after the whole ordeal.

Hopefully this all turns out for the best in the end!

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