Tuesday, March 31, 2009

You said what?????

I can't really update the blog on Malaia's condition. She's still covered in bumps(like she has permanent go0sebumps) and the lump on her neck is still very evident. The ultrasound is tommorrow afternoon and we won't get the results until next monday.

So in the meantime, her vocabulary is starting to improve drastically. It seems she's trying to say at least two new words everyday. But what we didn't expect was what she said yesterday when Ang asked her if she wanted to go for a walk, and the response was "Fuckin right".(sorry if that offends anyone). I did a triple take, and Ang started laughing hysterically. It wasn't completely clear but it was clear enough that Ang asked me if that's what she thought she heard and I said you mean Fuckin right.

Neither of us talk like that, and especially not around Malaia so we're not quite sure where she got it from. Although as I'm writing this I'm thinking of my brother-in-law. It's definitely something he would try not to say around her, but maybe on the phone or something when he wasn't aware she was listening..

Anyway, I'm all for her learning new words. I'd just like it to be in better taste. At least she said it to us and not her grandparents while they were babysitting.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Come on, tell us what's wrong with our Princess!

The doctor didn't really have an answer for us yesterday. We described the rash that she had to him and he immediately thought that Malaia had Rosiola(not sure on the spelling). But when he got to see it, he thought it might be a side effect of Strep throat. So he did a throat swab. Then when we described the bump/swollen lypmh node on her neck, he was taken a back at the size of it. He said they don't typically get that big. Now we have to wait a week for an ultrasound to be done on her neck(like she'll sit still for that) and the poor girl had to get blood work done yesterday as well.

All that this means is that now we have to wait another 7-10 days to get some answers. Unless of course something comes of the throat swab and blood work. Which of course would be great if they did find something such as strep throat and all that was required is some simple antibiotics.

So in the meantime, we're still crossing our fingers that there is nothing significantly wrong with our little girl. And of course stressing out about it.

The one good thing that happened for Malaia yesterday was that when they were done taking blood, they asked Ang if Malaia could have a sucker. She doesn't usually get straight sugar candy but she had a pretty rough day yesterday so Ang gave it to her. She thought it was most delicious. And refused to give it up even for a second, and actually fell asleep with it in her hands after the whole ordeal.

Hopefully this all turns out for the best in the end!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Well then let's get it looked at Pronto!

We have to take Malaia to the doctors on Thursday morning.. Hopefully for nothing major. Yesterday morning I noticed a bump on Malaia's neck and my initial thought was that she had a swollen gland.

Well when Ang came home, I showed Ang and told her what I thought.. And she immediately dismissed it as a gland as it is too far back on her neck. It protrudes a little off of her neck and is about the size of a dime. She had a minor moment of panic, because Ang knew that it was her lymph node. Which of course gives me a moment of panic.

I did a little research on the Internet before work this morning and I learned that most children's lymph nodes swell when they are fighting an infection. And Malaia has been sick off and on for a couple of weeks. Hopefully that's all that it is..

When Ang called to make her an appointment with our family doctor, the receptionist asked a bunch of questions. And Ang's responses were enough to make her say that yes we need to get her in here right away to get checked out. Not something you want to hear as a parent....

Anyway we're going to cross our fingers that all is well and that perhaps this is just something that is going to appear on Malaia's neck whenever she gets sick!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Good times and a great move!

Well, I absolutely enjoyed the guys weekend. Although, I could have used one more day to relax up at the cottage. The weather was decent. Sunny for the most part, but a little on the chilly side to. We ate like kings, and I'm still full this morning.. The highlight of the weekend, had to be when one of the neighbors up at the cottage came over, and informed us that they had been feeding deer on their property and that they came around at the same time every night, if we were interested in seeing it to check at that time.. And sure enough not 30 feet from the cabin 4 big deer came out of the woods and enjoyed a feast right to the side of our driveway.
Supposedly they started feeding the deer because they noticed a baby deer with them that had a broken leg. And these particular people are up year round on weekends.. so they had found out that there is a pack of about 15 wolves hangin out in the vicinity.. But alas, we didn't see the baby deer at all. nor the other 2 deers that they had mentioned(they said there was 7 in total). It was definitely a highlight for my buddy Jeff who is a city boy through and through.

Meanwhile back at home. Malaia was introduced to her new room this weekend and has not once gone back into the nursery thinking it to be her room. So I'd say it was a successful transition. The last thing we need to do now is get her to sleep through the night before the baby comes. She's like clockwork up at 12:30am and 4am every night. So it's now time to let her cry it out in her new bedroom so she can figure a way to get her self back to sleep.. I'm not looking forward to it but it's for the best..

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Things are pretty good...

Malaia is sick again!! But other than that things are really good. She's more or less up and down with a fever. SO we're hoping it's just another epic battle with the teething gods. Although, almost everyone around us is sick in some form or another.

The final piece of the puzzle(the bed)for the new room is being delivered tomorrow. Then Malaia is moving in on Friday. Ang was trying to move some of Malaia's things from the bookcase in the nursery room into the bookcase in her new room today. And every and anything that Malaia could reach was promptly brought right back in to the nursery room. Hopefully the rest of the transition goes su-moothly.

I am super excited about this weekend. Ang has given me the weekend off. Kind of my last break before the new baby comes along. She has a weekend coming up in April that has her and her mother gone for 2-3days. So she felt it was only fair that I had the same kind of getaway. So a buddy(s) and I are heading up to Ang's parents cottage after work on Friday and just flat out chillin out until Sunday. I can't wait, I only hope that the weather is as nice as it has been for the last week or so.. But if it's not who really cares.. I don't have to change a poopy bum, or clean up toys.. Don't get me wrong I'll miss the girls. But this will be a much needed break..

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What's with the hostility?

Well, we've ventured into the next step in toddler hood, which appears to be inching us ever closer to the "terrible two's. Malaia has asked her first "why", and although she wasn't quite sure what she had said. She said it at exactly the right time, and in the form of a question. Ang and I both did a double take, and started to laugh.

Then a couple of days ago, Ang was folding some of Malaia's laundry. Malaia grabbed one of her sweaters, and when Ang reached out to take it back from her so she could fold it Malaia turned away from her and angrily said "mine".

Then the final event occurred last night when she was sitting in front of her Fisher-Price baby grand piano. I reached out to play a couple of keys when she pushed my hand away and emphatically said "NO". That went on for a couple of minutes because I couldn't believe she had just done that.

I have no idea where she's learning this stuff, but she does have 4 different babysitters in any given week, and 2 of them have their own and different kids, while Malaia is there.

Anyhoo, I've started my quest to try and teach her how to share... we'll see how it goes. She's really starting to take on her own personality and attitude.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Almost Done!!

The transformation from office to Malaia's new bedroom is almost complete. I was able to trim out the room yesterday, and Ang was doing some touch up painting last night. It looks fantastic.

I've been bringing Malaia into the room each day and showing her the changes step by step. I've been asking what she thinks of her new bedroom and she just starts smiling the biggest smile and then begins talking and looking at each of the walls. I wish I could understand baby/toddler. She seems very happy with the changes.

So this weekend we go pick up her new bed and then it'll be just doing the minor decorating once everything is in place. Hopefully she'll like sleeping in the new room, more than she likes sleeping/not sleeping in her current room.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Inner thoughts

As we do these renovations to our house, awaiting baby #2 it is becoming apparent that this particular house, is going to get very small, very fast. It's not overly big to start with. But considering that almost every single inch of our house is filled with furniture or toys, it's starting to close in on us.

I'm constantly looking on our MLS website here in Canada. It's the major real estate website for the country. Looking for a diamond in the rough. I'd like to find a house at least 500 sq ft bigger than what we have, and I'd almost like it to be a fixer upper. Not neccessarily something that needs the major components(plumbing,electrical etc)replaced. Rather a place that needs a major cosmetic updating. I love doing flooring and trimwork, building custom shelving and even just changing light fixtures, makes a huge difference in the look of a place.

The other thing I'm looking for is a little bit of property. we currently have a 29ft by 98ft lot. So we're right on top of our neighbors. I'd like a little breathing space perhaps in the country or on a waterfront lot. We've got it pretty good here, because it's a five minute walk from our house down to lake Ontario. It would be nice though to be able to walk outside to a lake that you could go for swim in if you felt like it.

Bit of a rambling blog. It's been hectic around here for the past week. Just throwing out there, what's been going through my head.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sleep, please!

Geez, I wish as a parent you had all the answers. Malaia seems to be waking up about 3-4 times a night. I know she's not the only kid in the world who does this, but when it comes to all of our friends and their kids it sure seems like she's the only one. Last night Ang got up with her at 12 and rocked her back to sleep. Then she got up with her at 1 am and gave her a bottle(something we need to cut out doing) and rocked her back to sleep. Then I got up with her at about 1:40am and all of the sudden it was play time. Nothing I did could get her back to sleep. So I chose to take her downstairs and let her run around until she got tired again.

Well Ang got up at about 3:40 deciding that was long enough and away we went back to bed. I wish we knew why she insisted on getting up so friggen much. Unfortunately, she has a really bad diaper rash right now, and we're not quite sure if this is attributing to the waking up and crying or not. We changed her daytime diapers to a no name brand and I'm guessing they are the culprit. I think we won't use them anymore.

All I know is we have to figure this sleep issue out right now. With baby #2 coming a lot faster than we're prepared for right now. I'm not willing to stay up all night everynight, with the two of them. Especially when Malaia will be moving into her new room with a full size bed in about 2 weeks. But who knows, maybe that will be the key!

Monday, March 2, 2009

You crack me up kid!

Finally, it appears we've all beaten this round of the flu. With the exception of some pretty good coughing going on. But who cares, I feel 900 percent better this morning than yesterday.

Malaia has been really working on pronouncing words lately and it always seems to amaze me when a new word just shoots out of the blue. So it surprised the hell out of Ang and I when she strung a few words together to make a small sentence.

We were in the living room a couple of days ago, and Malaia was tooting up a storm. Ang was about to change her diaper anyway so she checked to see if maybe she done #2 at the same time. She hadn't, but as soon as Ang did up the fresh diaper, and while Malaia was still lying on her back for the change. She started making the sounds and faces that she makes when she's about to drop a deuce. So Ang asked her "are you pooping?" To which Malaia replied "Yeah, I'm pooping". Talk about catching us off guard. We both broke into hysterics. The best we've gotten out of her word wise to date is perhaps a name, or yeah, no, mamma, dad you know the usual words when a baby is first learning to talk.

I can't wait to see what she says next..