Monday, February 2, 2009


Well it was a historic win for the Pittsburgh Steelers last night. They've now become the only franchise to win 6 Superbowl championships. I am a little disappointed. I was rooting for Arizona, and for a while there they had the lead. The Steelers deserved it though, and in the end they WERE the better team.

My sister and her husband came over to watch some of the game. They have 2 young girls. So bed times come early. They did make it to half time. We ate too much, had a few wobblies. It was a good visit.

The highlight of my day, I was waking up from a nap and saw Malaia standing beside the bed. Ang came in and said Touchdown and Malaia got huge smile on her face and threw her hands into the air to signal the score. And although she never actually said it. That was good enough for me.

She did learn a new word yesterday too. She's begun to say the word happy...
Life's good!