Saturday, February 21, 2009

Shoot she finally got sick!

Uggh... We've had it so good until now. Malaia has been a picture of perfect health for almost a year and a half. Which in case your wondering is her whole life. She's had minor fever or coughs that last usually about 6 hours. But today was our first all day fever. And I say "we" because as parents this is the first time we've come across this particular problem. Really we've had it good for a long time, because all of our friends who have kids in the same age range have gone through Croupe cough and bronchitis and Fifth's disease, and we have avoided everything up until now.

Hopefully this doesn't last long and tomorrow is much better. It's definitely hard seeing your child in discomfort. I just wish I could take her place and get her back to her normal happy self. But I digress we have a lot more this coming at us. We just have to get pass the first test!

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