Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Please go away now cold, we need some sleep!

Alright, I'm ready for Malaia to start feeling better now. She's been waking up almost every hour and half through the night. SO we're not exactly getting alot of sleep. Although, god bless Ang, she took today off of work so she can stay home with her. That meant that she let me sleep and she took the entire night worth of shifts. I just hope she can get some sleep today.

Malaia hasn't been eating at all, but she has been taking her bottles and water. Which at this point is just homo milk. At least she's getting something into her system and not dehydrating herself. She's still running a fever, not high, but enough that it's throwing her way off. She has a horrible cough, and sore throat. Her nose is running non stop and she pukes about twice a day. and empties all the milk she's been drinking, and any tiny bits of food she may have managed to get down.

I'm not a big fan off this illness. I just want my little girl to get back to normal. I'm dying to see a big smile from her.. Hopefully today it's starts to go away.

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  1. Our little one, just had her first bout of the flu. It makes you feel helpless, when there is nothing you can do to make it go away any quicker.