Monday, February 9, 2009

At least it was a night away.

Well the night away was much needed, although we had a few inconveniences along the way. We dropped Malaia off around 9am on Saturday morning, and by the time we hit Niagara Falls it was in around 11:30 am. We knew check in wasn't until 3pm(or so we thought) and so we hit the outlet mall to kill some time, which worked sufficiently because we were there until 1pm. Then we stopped for lunch and when we were finally done we still had an hour and half to kill until check in.
The last few times we had been down you could park for free at either casino as long as you had a player card. Not this time though. They've implemented a $10 parking fee if you don't have sufficient points on your playing card, and seeing as we were on a limited budget this time it wasn't something we had accounted for.
After about an hour at the casino we thought, well it's only a half hour till check in so let's go see if our room is ready. We drove to the hotel which was across the road from the casino. Dropped our truck off at Valet parking and headed in to the check out only to find out that our room wasn't quite ready yet(although they had a smoking room ready which we refused because neither of us smoke) and that we should come back in an hour and a half at check in time. We couldn't believe it. Apparently we both thought it said 3pm check in when we booked online. But now we were without a vehicle as the valet service had already parked it and it was the windiest day ever. We didn't want to hit the casino again so soon so we took off towards some of the cheesy gift shops that they have in that area. After about another hour we headed back thinking that for sure our room was ready...
They checked us in and when we got to the room, I could just see the flames coming out of Ang's ears. We were on the 14th floor, in a smoking room, 2 queen beds standard tub, with a view godawful view of the construction zone at the back of the hotel.
I guess I should tell you we booked online, for a falls view room on floors 17-23 with a whirlpool tub. So after an angry phone call they looked "into it" and set us up on the 25th floor with an awesome view and a whirlpool tub, and when we got into the room there was no hot water, it was almost enough to set me off but it was my birthday gift and I remained calm. The breakfast buffet was simply o.k. the food was pretty bland..
All in all I just want to say that I wasn't impressed with HILTON HOTEL whatsoever, and would not recommend it to anyone. The only good thing about it was the walkway over Fallsview blvd from the hotel to the casino. So we never actually had to walk outside unless we chose to.
It was a pain in the ass, but at least it was a night away!

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