Thursday, February 26, 2009

Reversal of fortunes.

Malaia is finally coming around. She's not eating much. But she is eating. Her fever has broke, and she seems to be gaining energy. It's like she's a wind up toy that someone has wound 1 too many times. I'm so glad to see her smile again. Although it appears that now I have whatever she has had. It's great that she's running around again, but now I lack the energy to keep up with her. The good news is that I can chalk myself full of vitamins and temporary pain relief as required. Where she couldn't.

We're falling slightly behind on our office-to-bedroom transformation of Malaia's new room. Malaia has only wanted to be held for the last 5 days. Which made it difficult to get get anything accomplished. It's pretty much a matter of moving the desks and bookshelves to the basement now. Then a little bit of paint and some fancy trim work and Malaia will have a brand new bedroom. We're hoping to get it all done within the next few weeks, because we want Malaia moved into her new pad for a month before baby #2 arrives, so that maybe it will help with the jealousy issues we're going to face.

Anyway, back to bed. I need to get as much rest as I can if I'm going to be able to keep up with the little spark plug as she gets back to normal!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Please go away now cold, we need some sleep!

Alright, I'm ready for Malaia to start feeling better now. She's been waking up almost every hour and half through the night. SO we're not exactly getting alot of sleep. Although, god bless Ang, she took today off of work so she can stay home with her. That meant that she let me sleep and she took the entire night worth of shifts. I just hope she can get some sleep today.

Malaia hasn't been eating at all, but she has been taking her bottles and water. Which at this point is just homo milk. At least she's getting something into her system and not dehydrating herself. She's still running a fever, not high, but enough that it's throwing her way off. She has a horrible cough, and sore throat. Her nose is running non stop and she pukes about twice a day. and empties all the milk she's been drinking, and any tiny bits of food she may have managed to get down.

I'm not a big fan off this illness. I just want my little girl to get back to normal. I'm dying to see a big smile from her.. Hopefully today it's starts to go away.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Shoot she finally got sick!

Uggh... We've had it so good until now. Malaia has been a picture of perfect health for almost a year and a half. Which in case your wondering is her whole life. She's had minor fever or coughs that last usually about 6 hours. But today was our first all day fever. And I say "we" because as parents this is the first time we've come across this particular problem. Really we've had it good for a long time, because all of our friends who have kids in the same age range have gone through Croupe cough and bronchitis and Fifth's disease, and we have avoided everything up until now.

Hopefully this doesn't last long and tomorrow is much better. It's definitely hard seeing your child in discomfort. I just wish I could take her place and get her back to her normal happy self. But I digress we have a lot more this coming at us. We just have to get pass the first test!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Daddy radar?

It's been a tough time blogging lately. I'm usually up at 4 am and try to throw a post out before work, most of the time. For whatever reason, Malaia has honed into my sleeping pattern. The truth is I've had a bit of time off over the past few weeks. So she has been getting up with me in the mornings. The only thing is that has been at 6 am. Yesterday was a 5 am wake up and I didn't even let my feet hit the floor yet as I was getting up, and she somehow heard me, and was at her door waiting for me. No big deal right? Except that she does not go back to sleep which then forces Ang to get up. Which isn't really fair to Ang.

So this morning I'm working a little farther away from home. I got up at 4 am and so far she hasn't heard me yet. I just need to keep my fingers crossed for when I go into brush my teeth in 2 minutes(her bedroom is right beside the bathroom). Hopefully my stealth like movements will be uber quiet. Unfortunately our floors creak like crazy. So we'll just have to see how it goes. Wish me luck!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Yes, I did that time!

It's been a couple of weeks now of me running to Ang whenever she feels the baby move. And quite frankly I was beginning to think maybe she wasn't pregnant after all. But that she just had this new love of all things cake. Tonight was the night though I finally, finally felt the baby move. Although it was but a slight flutter I felt it. And while Ang was laying on her back with her belly exposed saying oh my god the baby is doing back flips. I just sat there steadfast with my hand on her belly, wishing that I too could feel the baby's every movement. That's when my hand moved just the slightest little bit.

We're officially at 26 weeks into this pregnancy. Technically only 14 more weeks to go. Although Malaia was born at 36 1/2 weeks. So.. it could be as few as ten weeks.
The good news is that I don't have to drop everything and grab a hold of the belly every time Ang feels something. From here on out the baby is only going to get stronger and I should be able to feel the baby every time he/she moves.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Random Thoughts

I can't believe we're at almost 7 months of pregnancy with baby #2. It seems like just yesterday we were looking at the positive pregnancy test. The time is flying, but I think it's mostly due to having our hands really full with Malaia right now.

I get the impression that she is going to be a little difficult when #2 comes along. She commands so much of our attention right now that when that attention has to be shared I think she might object to her future brother/sister getting any attention at all. After all she has the seniority right? She's put the time in, she deserves all of the glory. We'll see how it goes. I'm really not looking forward to teaching her that the new baby is not a toy and that it can't be hit, thrown, bit etc. But that's a part of parenting and I will face that challenge head on.

Ang is really starting to get big now. She's at the point now where she is starting to get some minor swelling in her feet and ankles. Which if I remember correctly doesn't bode well for her job. With the last pregnancy she got quite swollen, because her job as a massage therapist has her standing on her feet all day. I seem to remember it being quite painful for her so I hope it doesn't get as extreme this time around.

On another note, Malaia got to visit her great grandmother yesterday. Although she played shy I'm glad that she is getting the opportunity to meet the sole remaining great grandparenton my side of the family and one of our families pillars of strength. My hope is that she'll be around a few more years(she's in good health) so that Malaia and baby #2 and get to know her.

Monday, February 9, 2009

At least it was a night away.

Well the night away was much needed, although we had a few inconveniences along the way. We dropped Malaia off around 9am on Saturday morning, and by the time we hit Niagara Falls it was in around 11:30 am. We knew check in wasn't until 3pm(or so we thought) and so we hit the outlet mall to kill some time, which worked sufficiently because we were there until 1pm. Then we stopped for lunch and when we were finally done we still had an hour and half to kill until check in.
The last few times we had been down you could park for free at either casino as long as you had a player card. Not this time though. They've implemented a $10 parking fee if you don't have sufficient points on your playing card, and seeing as we were on a limited budget this time it wasn't something we had accounted for.
After about an hour at the casino we thought, well it's only a half hour till check in so let's go see if our room is ready. We drove to the hotel which was across the road from the casino. Dropped our truck off at Valet parking and headed in to the check out only to find out that our room wasn't quite ready yet(although they had a smoking room ready which we refused because neither of us smoke) and that we should come back in an hour and a half at check in time. We couldn't believe it. Apparently we both thought it said 3pm check in when we booked online. But now we were without a vehicle as the valet service had already parked it and it was the windiest day ever. We didn't want to hit the casino again so soon so we took off towards some of the cheesy gift shops that they have in that area. After about another hour we headed back thinking that for sure our room was ready...
They checked us in and when we got to the room, I could just see the flames coming out of Ang's ears. We were on the 14th floor, in a smoking room, 2 queen beds standard tub, with a view godawful view of the construction zone at the back of the hotel.
I guess I should tell you we booked online, for a falls view room on floors 17-23 with a whirlpool tub. So after an angry phone call they looked "into it" and set us up on the 25th floor with an awesome view and a whirlpool tub, and when we got into the room there was no hot water, it was almost enough to set me off but it was my birthday gift and I remained calm. The breakfast buffet was simply o.k. the food was pretty bland..
All in all I just want to say that I wasn't impressed with HILTON HOTEL whatsoever, and would not recommend it to anyone. The only good thing about it was the walkway over Fallsview blvd from the hotel to the casino. So we never actually had to walk outside unless we chose to.
It was a pain in the ass, but at least it was a night away!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Great Day

I feel good today. It's my birthday, and I'm finally o.k. with getting older.. I don't know why but I had trouble turning thirty and haven't been cool since. But I am 33 today and all is good.

We're booked into the Hilton Hotel tommorrow night, in Niagara Falls. My parents are taking Malaia for the night. SO I am super pumped and really looking forward to a nice day/evening just Ang and I. And more importantly with any luck we'll both get a good night sleep tommorrow. Could life be any better..

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Malaia Now..

Well I haven't updated any photos of Malaia in quite some time. So here she is at just shy of 16 months...
And Yes I know she doesn't have enough hair to justify a barrett, but we thought it looked cute.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Well it was a historic win for the Pittsburgh Steelers last night. They've now become the only franchise to win 6 Superbowl championships. I am a little disappointed. I was rooting for Arizona, and for a while there they had the lead. The Steelers deserved it though, and in the end they WERE the better team.

My sister and her husband came over to watch some of the game. They have 2 young girls. So bed times come early. They did make it to half time. We ate too much, had a few wobblies. It was a good visit.

The highlight of my day, I was waking up from a nap and saw Malaia standing beside the bed. Ang came in and said Touchdown and Malaia got huge smile on her face and threw her hands into the air to signal the score. And although she never actually said it. That was good enough for me.

She did learn a new word yesterday too. She's begun to say the word happy...
Life's good!