Friday, January 2, 2009

This is startint to get out of hand!

Does anyone else have a child in the 14 month old range climb things non stop? My friend has a little boy that's roughly 1 month younger than Malaia and he hasn't started walking yet(fully).

Malaia is above and beyond an adventuring risk taker. You absolutely have to watch her every second. We HAD our comfort barricades, and heights that she could not attain. They no longer exist.

Two days ago, Ang and I were both within reach of her but were doing things.. we turned around and she was standing on the dining room table.. Last week she couldn't get on a dining room chair. Also, recently she's been standing on the toilet and stretching out to the counter on her tippy toes to reach her tooth brush while we brush her teeth. Last night I left her in her room playing for 2 minutes and when I came back around the corner to get her, she was sitting on the bathroom counter with her feet in the sink. I couldn't believe it.

So I'm currently looking for a rock wall to install in the living room along with a ceiling harness system. I hope this is just a phase.. Somehow I don't think it is!

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