Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thanks for the help

Now we're getting somewhere. Some of Malaia's molar teeth came in about 4 days ago. It made for a few longs days and one extremely long night. But ever since they arrived she's been in a fantastic mood and appears to be learning and picking up new things at an alarming rate. Is it possible that they are her wisdom teeth? LOL just kiddin! Not to mention becoming helpful, if you can believe. She is just 15 months after all. Ang was telling me that she took out the garbage and compost from under the sink and tied of the bags, then set them on the floor. She said she was looking at the two buckets/garbage pails we use deciding whether or not to wash them when Malaia strolled into the kitchen grabbed one of the bags went to to baby gate(which wasn't locked) opened it, walked through and carried the bag down the hall and to the front door. She turned immediately back towards the kitchen and proceeded to the same with bag #2. Ang said she just stood there watching and smiling, hardly able to believe what she was seeing. I'm pretty sure she doesn't understand that Ang is pregnant. And that she's getting bigger by the day, and any help she can get is good help. Sure seemed like it though. Then there's the Swiffer and broom that she's constantly pulling out despite the fact that they are both double over head. She tries to sweep and it's hilarious. At least she tries. I'm also noticing if we give her something to eat and she doesn't like it. Instead of throwing or spitting it onto the floor as per usual. She does spit it out but then promptly picks up every piece and hands it to me for disposal...I'm beginning to really like this new little clean freak stage.. IF we could just get her to put away her toys we'd really be getting somewhere.

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  1. My 14 month old is at the cleaning stage, too. We were at dinner last night and she was using her napkin to wipe up the table. It was very cute. But... trust me. It stops and you'll never see it again ever. Ever. Unless serious threats are made :)