Friday, January 30, 2009

One more day!

It's been an incredibly long week, and I'm truly looking forward to a little r&r this weekend, hopefully.
Malaia has been getting her molars in, so not only is she drooling up a storm, leaving trails of saliva and little pools everywhere. She's waking up screaming at night. Which is a horrible way for any parent to have to wake up to.
Top that off with what appears to be one of the worst winters in recent history. So no sleep + rediculous amounts of shovelling + slugging drywall all day long has made this guy irritable, tired and with slightly less patience than I would normally have.
On a side note, my quest continues. I'm still trying to get Malaia to say touchdown so that the superbowl is that much better for me. But no much progress has been made thus far.
Hopefully your week has been going better?