Monday, January 12, 2009

I read what?

I like to read. I'm one of those people who can sit down and if the book is good enough finish in a day or two, no matter how long the books. Although that's not quite as easy to do anymore with Malaia running around.
I had been deliberating for some time whether or not to read the Stephanie Meyers series of books. I rather enjoyed the Harry Potter series, be it for kids/teens or not and quite frankly I couldn't imagine that anything would compare in terms of creativity.
I had however noticed that her four books were the top for selling books in the teenage age range for quite some time. I also heard that they were a teenage girl, vampire romance type books so why would I want to read that.
Then they went and made the first book into a movie "Twilight". It made some pretty incredible numbers in it's first four days, something like 79 million, and I found I was intrigued. So I caved and asked for the first book for Christmas.
Ang ended up buying me the first two books in the series. Twilight and New Moon.
I think I was about halfway through the first book, and I found myself thinking that it was an o.k. story and that nothing about it made we want sit and read front to back non stop. Then the plot took an unexpected twist and I found that I was unable to put it down.
I just finished the second book and I'm here to admit I am hooked on the series now, I can't wait to get the next two books. So if you had any thoughts whatsoever about reading these books, I highly recommend it.
Like I said the first book slowly drags along and the "BAM" your hooked, now I can't wait to see the movie(s).

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  1. Isn't it crazy? I've read them all too. I've just talked my SO into reading Twilight. I was curious to know what a guy's perspective was on the books. I see it isn't any different for you then it was for me.
    Warning: Don't go and see the movie. You will be very, very disappointed in it. Seriously.