Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Does anyone know?

We're supposed to go out to some friends house on Saturday night for dinner. It would be Ang and I, and two other couples whom each also have a baby. However, the one couple has a little boy who is just slightly younger than Malaia and is already in daycare. I was talking to my buddy last week, and he told me that they think he has Fifth disease. Which is perfectly normal for a young child, they just get a rash and some possible flu like symptoms. But it doesn't bode well for pregnant woman.
Unfortunately, a doctor told them this. Otherwise they also think that there little guy has his molars coming in, which could also provide the same kind of reaction as fifths. After doing some research into it, we're pretty apprehensive of going. If indeed it's the disease, it can be devastating to a fetus. It can result in still birth or possible birth defects. We just don't think we want to take the chance. One night of good fun is not worth risking our yet to be born baby's health.
Am I way off base here? Am I wrong about Fifth disease? If anyone has any better information that what I've found, feel free to leave a comment.


  1. i think you are being very reasonable in ensuring you continue to have a healthy pregnancy and baby.

  2. I can't say anything about the disease as I'm too lazy to google it, but if what you say is true I think staying away is the smart (and safe) thing to do.