Friday, January 30, 2009

One more day!

It's been an incredibly long week, and I'm truly looking forward to a little r&r this weekend, hopefully.
Malaia has been getting her molars in, so not only is she drooling up a storm, leaving trails of saliva and little pools everywhere. She's waking up screaming at night. Which is a horrible way for any parent to have to wake up to.
Top that off with what appears to be one of the worst winters in recent history. So no sleep + rediculous amounts of shovelling + slugging drywall all day long has made this guy irritable, tired and with slightly less patience than I would normally have.
On a side note, my quest continues. I'm still trying to get Malaia to say touchdown so that the superbowl is that much better for me. But no much progress has been made thus far.
Hopefully your week has been going better?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Close call!

Well, we had our first "almost" injury yesterday. I didn't like the way it went down either. I sat down for lunch yesterday at work, and checked my cellphone. I was surprised to see that I had missed four calls. One of them was a message from Ang saying Rich call me as soon as you get this message. My heart skipped a beat. Usually when I get a message like this at work, it's because someone close has passed away. Anyway, I tried to call her and all I got was her message service. So I called my parents, because Ang was supposed to be dropping Malaia off at lunchtime for them to babysit. My dad answered and told me that Ang wasn't there because she had taken Malaia to the hospital. She had fallen from the bathroom vanity where we try not let her climb and was favouring her arm and hand.
When I finally talked to Ang she said that Malaia cried for sometime after she fell. But then went back to normal, playing and laughing as usual. She tripped though in the kitchen not long after and used her hands to break her fall and she started favouring her hand and arm again. Ang decided to go get x-rays. Anyway long story short, after 1 1/2 hours of waiting at the hospital with Malaia climbing all over everything there, she decided to bring her home and just monitor the situation.
She seems fine and dandy now. I know this definitely won't be the last time we end up at the hospital or clinic, but it sure does put a wrinkle in your day.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Alright it's down to one week today. Ever since Malaia was born I've been trying to get her to say touchdown with her arms in the air. With Superbowl a mere 7 days from now, the training is going to have to be stepped up a notch. I'm sure if I only said touchdown between now and the big game she would probably end up saying it at some point. She already knows how to get dad a beer, so I'm really looking forward to next Sunday.
It's even more exciting that it's two teams that if you asked me at the beginning of the year who would I select to go to the big dance, I probably would not have chosen either team. SO at the very least it's going to be interesting. I'll even admit that I'd like to see Arizona pull it off, although Pittsburgh's defence is insane.
The best part of it, is even though it is not a holiday I get to eat a whole bunch of unhealthy foods(nachos,chicken wings,chips etc) and drink beer as part of the ritual of watching the game.
So my quest has begun, and by next Sunday Malaia will have learned a new word..

Friday, January 23, 2009

So far so good!

The transition from crib to day bed has gone way better than Ang or I could have imagined. We ended up putting a King size pillow underneath the opening of the rails and then took a blanket and ran it across the opening so that Malaia can't really roll out. From there we have a baby gate with a swing door on it, and we put that in her door way. At night we just lock that and she hardly cries out for long periods anymore. She simply gets out of bed and walks over to her gate and tries to open it. We hear that and we can usually get to her before she starts to cry.
I think we both thought that she was never going to sleep, rather make numerous attempts to escape. So far so good. It'll just make it easier when we switch her to a full size bed with rails in 2 months.
On a side note baby #2 is apparently kickin up a storm now. I try every night to feel the kicks, but to no avail. I'm sure it'll be very soon though. It will be 23 weeks on Monday.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Does anyone know?

We're supposed to go out to some friends house on Saturday night for dinner. It would be Ang and I, and two other couples whom each also have a baby. However, the one couple has a little boy who is just slightly younger than Malaia and is already in daycare. I was talking to my buddy last week, and he told me that they think he has Fifth disease. Which is perfectly normal for a young child, they just get a rash and some possible flu like symptoms. But it doesn't bode well for pregnant woman.
Unfortunately, a doctor told them this. Otherwise they also think that there little guy has his molars coming in, which could also provide the same kind of reaction as fifths. After doing some research into it, we're pretty apprehensive of going. If indeed it's the disease, it can be devastating to a fetus. It can result in still birth or possible birth defects. We just don't think we want to take the chance. One night of good fun is not worth risking our yet to be born baby's health.
Am I way off base here? Am I wrong about Fifth disease? If anyone has any better information that what I've found, feel free to leave a comment.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Graduation part 1

My little girl is growing up... It's crazy how the little things make you stop and wonder where the time has gone. This past week Malaia has graduated from high chair to booster seat. She simply refused to sit in her high chair for more than 2-3 minutes, before she would stand up and try to climb over the edge of the seat. And yes we did have straps for the high chair, but it wasn't worth the screaming if she was locked in. So we'd take her and set her on the ground and she would run around to the other side of the table, pull out a chair, climb up and sit down like she just wanted to sit the way that mom and dad do. We're still in the process of teaching her not to climb on the table. If your not fast enough with giving her a sippy cup for instance, she whips up onto the table, crawls over and grabs it. It's slowly starting to sink in, so hopefully not too much longer before she stays in her seat.
I mentioned in a post earlier this week that she's climbed out of her crib. So today is the day that we transform the crib into a day bed with guardrails. No good will come of this. I definitely see some sleepless nights over the next couple of weeks. With her just wandering around the upstairs. But at least it will be safer than her falling from the top of the crib.
And lastly this past week she's started giving hugs. Yes she's given hugs before but I've taught her how to give a bear hug. So now I can actually get her to growl and a give a super long hard hug. It's great. Although I was upstairs the other day and heard her growling at Ang and she had no idea why Malaia was making that sound. I chuckled and explained a short time later.
Can't wait to see what comes next!

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Winter Blah's

The weather here in Southern Ontario is really starting to bum me out. I've been at home pretty much all week, because of work being slow right now. So it's pretty much just been Malaia and I chillin out trying to keep ourselves occupied. But it would be a whole lot easier if there wasn't a deep freeze on right now. We should be going out everyday playin in the snow and using the sled that she got for Christmas. I just can't see any point to subjecting her to this kind of weather though. This morning for instance it's -29 degrees Celsius/-20.2 degrees Fahrenheit. That's bloody cold. At least kids at her age do not get bored to easily and they can continuously play with the same toys over and over again.
I could use a trip down south, but unfortunately that's going to happen in the foreseeable future. I just have to settle for looking at travel websites online and living vicariously through friends that either have no kids or their kids are old enough to be left with families for a full week, and are going on these vacations. Ah well.... for now, I think I'm off to build a pillow fort.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What the?

A loud thud. The alarms wailed. The spotlight searching furiuosly. The pitter patter of little feet.
I had some thoughts on a blog that I was going to write this morning. However, as I was about to begin, Malaia walked up behind me in the computer room. We've had our first jail break. I suspected it was coming for some time now. When we originally put the crib together in Malaia's room it had four settings for height, and we decided to put it at the third lowest setting. And as it turns out that's no longer good enough. So now I have to decide if it's worth dropping it the four extra inches. I honestly don't think it will make a difference to this particular little girl. She has a rediculous climbing ability. The good news is that we bought a 4-in-1 crib so the next step would be to turn it into a day bed with half walls at the front and a spot to crawl down. I don't think Ang and I are quite ready for that though. There's a certain peace one feels knowing that the baby is safe in the confines of their crib, with nowhere to go.
So it's a dark day in this household as the prisoner will be arraigned and a verdict reached. Prison for life or moved to a medium security facility with day passes.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thanks for the help

Now we're getting somewhere. Some of Malaia's molar teeth came in about 4 days ago. It made for a few longs days and one extremely long night. But ever since they arrived she's been in a fantastic mood and appears to be learning and picking up new things at an alarming rate. Is it possible that they are her wisdom teeth? LOL just kiddin! Not to mention becoming helpful, if you can believe. She is just 15 months after all. Ang was telling me that she took out the garbage and compost from under the sink and tied of the bags, then set them on the floor. She said she was looking at the two buckets/garbage pails we use deciding whether or not to wash them when Malaia strolled into the kitchen grabbed one of the bags went to to baby gate(which wasn't locked) opened it, walked through and carried the bag down the hall and to the front door. She turned immediately back towards the kitchen and proceeded to the same with bag #2. Ang said she just stood there watching and smiling, hardly able to believe what she was seeing. I'm pretty sure she doesn't understand that Ang is pregnant. And that she's getting bigger by the day, and any help she can get is good help. Sure seemed like it though. Then there's the Swiffer and broom that she's constantly pulling out despite the fact that they are both double over head. She tries to sweep and it's hilarious. At least she tries. I'm also noticing if we give her something to eat and she doesn't like it. Instead of throwing or spitting it onto the floor as per usual. She does spit it out but then promptly picks up every piece and hands it to me for disposal...I'm beginning to really like this new little clean freak stage.. IF we could just get her to put away her toys we'd really be getting somewhere.

Monday, January 12, 2009

I read what?

I like to read. I'm one of those people who can sit down and if the book is good enough finish in a day or two, no matter how long the books. Although that's not quite as easy to do anymore with Malaia running around.
I had been deliberating for some time whether or not to read the Stephanie Meyers series of books. I rather enjoyed the Harry Potter series, be it for kids/teens or not and quite frankly I couldn't imagine that anything would compare in terms of creativity.
I had however noticed that her four books were the top for selling books in the teenage age range for quite some time. I also heard that they were a teenage girl, vampire romance type books so why would I want to read that.
Then they went and made the first book into a movie "Twilight". It made some pretty incredible numbers in it's first four days, something like 79 million, and I found I was intrigued. So I caved and asked for the first book for Christmas.
Ang ended up buying me the first two books in the series. Twilight and New Moon.
I think I was about halfway through the first book, and I found myself thinking that it was an o.k. story and that nothing about it made we want sit and read front to back non stop. Then the plot took an unexpected twist and I found that I was unable to put it down.
I just finished the second book and I'm here to admit I am hooked on the series now, I can't wait to get the next two books. So if you had any thoughts whatsoever about reading these books, I highly recommend it.
Like I said the first book slowly drags along and the "BAM" your hooked, now I can't wait to see the movie(s).

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Should we move?

Ang(ie) and I have been giving a lot of thought to moving to larger house, and although it's not in the cards right now. With baby #2's arrival seeming like it's coming at us with blinding speed. It's been something we've been thinking/dreaming of.
When we bought our first house, where we currently reside. It was just the two of us, so we bought a small 3 bedroom starter house. I know that sounds wrong. But I believe we have about 1100 sq ft. So once you start dividing that up into rooms over 3 levels you can kind of imagine the limited space.
We were curious how Malaia would react if she had a lot more room to play, and we had a bit of an idea. Whenever she's at my parents to be babysat she pretty much never stops running. They have a much bigger space for her to move around.
Yesterday however, was even bigger indication. We celebrated Ukrainian Christmas with Ang's family at her aunts house. They've got somewhere around 3200 sq ft of living space. And to be honest we were really apprehensive about going there, because her aunt and uncle collect all kinds of antiques, and valuable trinkets, and swarovski crystals etc... they have them laid out on display everywhere and at baby height. We honestly thought we were going to have to spend the entire visit chasing Malaia and telling her not to touch anything.
So we were pleasantly surprised when the only thing she did the entire time was run around. She didn't touch a single thing. She was so excited that she had so much room to run around that she never stopped long enough to be distracted by all of the unusual objects around the house. She did however, also get to sit on the pool table and chase balls around for what seemed like forever (sigh). So easily amused.
That was it, we had our first real taste of what life would be like in a bigger house, and it was really, really tiring. We'll just have to make due with what we have for now, and be happy...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Welcome to my new site.. These shall be my new digs from here on out. I'm still in the process of tweaking this site. But with any luck I'll be able to provide the same quality of posts that I had going on at untangling fatherhood.

It's here that I will continue with my observations of my daughter Malaia and all the crazy things that she does. As well as the continued updates on the impending arrival of baby #2.

I'm really looking forward to continuing the whole blogging process and please feel free to stop by often.

Say What?

In a blink of an eye, we're suddenly at the halfway point of our second pregnancy. Twenty weeks this week. It's all one gigantic blur. Suddenly there's an urgency to start getting things organized and in place for baby #2. We have to unload a bunch of furniture from the basement, and move the office from our 3rd bedroom downstairs. Then we have a bit of painting and trim work to do to make that bedroom Malaia's new digs. Not to mention, buy a new bed(a big girl bed). She's on the verge of climbing out of her crib. So it's become apparent that the switch will have to come sooner than later.

The good news for us is that the baby room is going to stay as is. All set up and ready to go. Hopefully the transition for Malaia goes smooth. But I can see a few sleepless nights in our future as she tries to figure out why she's in a different room.

It's all happening so fast, and I fully expect that it will not slow down any time soon. I just hope that when we go to our second ultrasound this week that everything is still progressing as it should and that the baby is still growing healthy and strong.

So many changes, so little time.

Friday, January 2, 2009

This is startint to get out of hand!

Does anyone else have a child in the 14 month old range climb things non stop? My friend has a little boy that's roughly 1 month younger than Malaia and he hasn't started walking yet(fully).

Malaia is above and beyond an adventuring risk taker. You absolutely have to watch her every second. We HAD our comfort barricades, and heights that she could not attain. They no longer exist.

Two days ago, Ang and I were both within reach of her but were doing things.. we turned around and she was standing on the dining room table.. Last week she couldn't get on a dining room chair. Also, recently she's been standing on the toilet and stretching out to the counter on her tippy toes to reach her tooth brush while we brush her teeth. Last night I left her in her room playing for 2 minutes and when I came back around the corner to get her, she was sitting on the bathroom counter with her feet in the sink. I couldn't believe it.

So I'm currently looking for a rock wall to install in the living room along with a ceiling harness system. I hope this is just a phase.. Somehow I don't think it is!