Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nice to finally meet you Benjamin!

Well, I just endured one of the longest nights in recent history. Ang(ie)didn't get home until 1:30 am. She was with her sister at the hospital. And I am the proud new uncle of a brand new baby boy. Welcome to the world Benjamin!
What started out as a day off for me. Turned into a full day of watching Malaia, which I have no problem with. It's the night time where typically on a work night I don't even hear Malaia through the night. It`s Ang who gets up with her if necessary. Recently she`s been waking up a lot through the night. SO I had to make sure that I was on the ball in case she did indeed wake up. And really through the night it was only 3 times. It was the cats that woke me up another 3 times, and roughly a 1/2 hour of chatting when Ang got home, that's got me so tired.
I know this is just a dose of what's to come once we have baby #2. It'll be an adjustment for sure.
I'm sure none of it compares to the day that Ang had. She had heard from her sister on Sunday saying that she was in some pain and discomfort. Which turned into Monday. And by the afternoon yesterday Ang had to cancel her last few patients of the day and head to the hospital. Although it was a really long day I`m sure it was all worth it. Benjamin was born at exactly midnight on Dec 2. Malaia now has a new cousin and playmate, and we can`t wait for her to meet him.

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