Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas is coming!

The excitement of christmas has finally set in. Up until now, it hasn't felt like the holiday season whatsoever. To me, the days have felt like they have been flying by.
We've had a few minor set backs, such as the pre-lit tree that I mentioned in an earlier post. The 800 lights just quit working last week. I know it's probably only one bulb that's the culprit. I just don't have the time to sit down and go through each individual bulb right now. It would take hours. Instead we went out and bought 280 LED lights and strung them a couple of days ago. So the tree looks great.
Today there calling for a winter storm dubbed "Snowmageddon". Supposedly any where from 15-30cm(6-12inches). Then another snowfall is supposed to hit us on Sunday.So with no warm up in sight we will have a white christmas.
Works been slightly crazy the last couple of weeks, so I've neglected our exterior christmas lights this year, much to Ang's dismay. She's a christmasoholic for sure. So I know I'm in the dog house over this particular matter. I'll just have to deal with her being a little upset with me for the time being.
I am however, getting super excited for christmas morning this year with Malaia. She now has an idea and gets the concept of presents. I can't wait to see how excited she's going to be when she sees the presents under the tree. I know I personally am goign to really cherish this christmas, because it's our last as a 3 person family. Next year there will be 4 of us, so I need to make sure I take lots of pictures and video.
That being said I need to get out and do some christmas shopping today before the snow and hopefully I have some luck.. and it will be finished today!

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