Monday, November 24, 2008

What a night!

Had yet another amazing time Saturday night. As I had said in an earlier post. Ang and I had a dinner/concert evening planned with some good friends. I'm so glad that we have a plethora of babysitters from which to choose.
The evening started off with an awesome BBQ at my buddy's house washed down with a few uber refreshing wobblie pops. Then we headed off to the concert venue which was actually only a 5 minute drive away.
We went and saw a great Canadian east coast band GREAT BIG SEA. Acoustic/folk with awesome 4 part harmonies. I've seen them 4 times now, and that was by far the best performance to date.
When the tickets went on sale, one of my buddies picked up 6 tickets in the 3rd row, via ticketmaster. Then called and asked where the best seats in the house were. When he found out, they just happened to be available so he picked up 2 more tickets, which ended up being front row center. So for the first set of the concert I was in the third row, and the seats there were fantastic. But when the second set was about to start the buddy and his wife that were in the front row were gracious enough to swap seats with me and another buddy. I see now why people pay more to sit up front. We couldn't believe how good those seats were. The downfall of the situation was that they played a bunch of newer songs that I wasn't familiar with and so while the entire front row was singing along and I wasn't, it felt like the band was staring right at me, like why don't you know these lyrics.
We purchased a few large drafts at the concerts which I might be crazy, but felt like they were the size of pitchers of beer. They had to be at least 25 ounce cups. Which explains why I had an amazing time that night and a not so good morning the next day. Ah well, it was nice to get out for yet another evening of adult interaction!

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