Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The tree or not the tree!

So I know it's a little early, but we're contemplating putting up our Christmas tree. I know our American counterparts haven't even had thanksgiving yet, but Ang is a Christmasaholic. Our dilemma this year, is whether or not to use our regular Christmas tree. It`s fake, seven feet tall, has 800 bulbs that are wired to the tree, so I don`t have to mess around with stringing lights, and it has a motor so it rotates slowly all the time. It`s a beautiful tree. I know I`ll take some flak from the people out there that think that only real trees are the way to go. But I love our tree.
Our alternative option would be a little 4 foot fake tree that we have for our basement. We could put it up out of misses grabby grabberton`s reach. Malaia needs to touch everything. So the collection of glass ornaments that Ang has amassed over the years probably won't see Christmas this year. Ang actually went out and bought plastic ornaments and she's still thinking about only decorating the top half of the tree. Personally I think we should decorate the whole thing and teach Malaia not to touch.
I also think that once we plug in the tree and it starts to spin, Malaia might see it as an amusement park ride. I guess we'll find out shortly!
My guess is the big tree is going up. And if nothing else we should have a few laughs and get some good pictures. Malaia was only 2 months old last Christmas. SO this should be a whole lot more fun. If only I could get some of those holiday beers that they make in the states. It would be that much better!