Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Help, I need ideas!

I thought Ang and I had it pretty good for the last 5 months or so. When it came to eating, Malaia seemed to enjoy any and everything that we made for her. I've talked to a lot of different friends and they've told me how picky or fussy their kids are when it comes to food. Well, it appears Malaia has now fallen into that category.
It has now become a game of first I'll try mine, then I'll try yours, and now I want yours and nothing to do with mine. As parents we've been trying to do our best to feed her balanced, nutritional meals. But when I personally don't eat really well all the time, it doesn't help the cause.
Last night for instance. I picked Malaia up from my parents house on the way home from work. By the time we get home it's 5:30pm. I leave the house at 5am in the morning. So needless to say I'm tired. Now I have to cook the two of us dinner. I must have stood at the refrigerator for a solid 10 minutes. Trying to come up with something that Malaia would actually eat and not just throw on the floor and point at my supper. In the end I decided to do a little breakfast for dinner. I chose to do breakfast burrittos. My thought was I'll make them the way I like to eat them. If Malaia wants to try them, Great. If not I'll come up with an alternative plan for her once I'm finished. Well she couldn't seem to eat them fast enough. I'm glad she liked them. But I would rather her of had something slightly healthier. Does it come down to us making one thing for dinner, so that she has no alternative if she doesn't want to eat what we've made? What if she doesn't eat at all then?
I know her taste buds are devoloping and changing and more and more teeth are coming in. But how do you get a child who once loved vegetables and potatoes to get her to start eating them again. Aside from trying fattening solutions such as sour cream and french fries. Unfortunately I don't have an endless cookbook stored in my brain. Does anybody have any good ideas or recipes for food to make for a just over one year old child?

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