Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The tree or not the tree!

So I know it's a little early, but we're contemplating putting up our Christmas tree. I know our American counterparts haven't even had thanksgiving yet, but Ang is a Christmasaholic. Our dilemma this year, is whether or not to use our regular Christmas tree. It`s fake, seven feet tall, has 800 bulbs that are wired to the tree, so I don`t have to mess around with stringing lights, and it has a motor so it rotates slowly all the time. It`s a beautiful tree. I know I`ll take some flak from the people out there that think that only real trees are the way to go. But I love our tree.
Our alternative option would be a little 4 foot fake tree that we have for our basement. We could put it up out of misses grabby grabberton`s reach. Malaia needs to touch everything. So the collection of glass ornaments that Ang has amassed over the years probably won't see Christmas this year. Ang actually went out and bought plastic ornaments and she's still thinking about only decorating the top half of the tree. Personally I think we should decorate the whole thing and teach Malaia not to touch.
I also think that once we plug in the tree and it starts to spin, Malaia might see it as an amusement park ride. I guess we'll find out shortly!
My guess is the big tree is going up. And if nothing else we should have a few laughs and get some good pictures. Malaia was only 2 months old last Christmas. SO this should be a whole lot more fun. If only I could get some of those holiday beers that they make in the states. It would be that much better!

Monday, November 24, 2008

What a night!

Had yet another amazing time Saturday night. As I had said in an earlier post. Ang and I had a dinner/concert evening planned with some good friends. I'm so glad that we have a plethora of babysitters from which to choose.
The evening started off with an awesome BBQ at my buddy's house washed down with a few uber refreshing wobblie pops. Then we headed off to the concert venue which was actually only a 5 minute drive away.
We went and saw a great Canadian east coast band GREAT BIG SEA. Acoustic/folk with awesome 4 part harmonies. I've seen them 4 times now, and that was by far the best performance to date.
When the tickets went on sale, one of my buddies picked up 6 tickets in the 3rd row, via ticketmaster. Then called and asked where the best seats in the house were. When he found out, they just happened to be available so he picked up 2 more tickets, which ended up being front row center. So for the first set of the concert I was in the third row, and the seats there were fantastic. But when the second set was about to start the buddy and his wife that were in the front row were gracious enough to swap seats with me and another buddy. I see now why people pay more to sit up front. We couldn't believe how good those seats were. The downfall of the situation was that they played a bunch of newer songs that I wasn't familiar with and so while the entire front row was singing along and I wasn't, it felt like the band was staring right at me, like why don't you know these lyrics.
We purchased a few large drafts at the concerts which I might be crazy, but felt like they were the size of pitchers of beer. They had to be at least 25 ounce cups. Which explains why I had an amazing time that night and a not so good morning the next day. Ah well, it was nice to get out for yet another evening of adult interaction!

Friday, November 21, 2008

One of those days!

Yesterday was a rough day. From the minor snow storm from the night before. To the 2 hour drive to work. To a super rush house that I've been drywalling, that we couldn't quite finish, because of the late start. I actually had a guy who I'm not sure who he was or why he ended up in the house I was working in. He stopped me and told me that I looked over excited and that I should calm down and slow down. It was then that I realized that I was sweating and felt like I was running on the spot, and that my heart was going 300% faster than it should be. I needed that guy, right then. I stopped dead in my tracks, and told myself that no rush house was worth having a heart attack over. Not with a young baby and one more on the way. Even right after that guy left, my partner with whom I work who didn't see that guy, asked me if I felt o.k. becauseI looked pale. Well... I started to feel o.k once I calmed down.
The final kick in the nuts, came later that evening when I was sitting at the kitchen table reading my mail. Malaia was playing in the corner cupboard in the kitchen. She grabs everything out off the cupboard and climbs right in it. It's very cute. But I just happened to turn and look at her, when she slipped on the edge of the cupboard and ended up smashing her mouth on the edge of the cupboard on her way down. I didn't like the look of it, and prayed that she didn't indeed hit her mouth. But that's when the blood started to flow. My first real test as a parent. I think I failed in the fact that I didn't know what to do. I think I was more hysterical than her. But thank god that after about a minute the blood stopped and she calmed right down. The result was a cut on the inside of her upper lip and 3 times larger than it should be fat lip.
It was the perfect end to a rough day. When Ang finally got home she congratulated me on being able to cope with the blood. Which normally I don't do so well with. And gave me a giant hug. I needed it, and everything seemed o.k. again.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Help, I need ideas!

I thought Ang and I had it pretty good for the last 5 months or so. When it came to eating, Malaia seemed to enjoy any and everything that we made for her. I've talked to a lot of different friends and they've told me how picky or fussy their kids are when it comes to food. Well, it appears Malaia has now fallen into that category.
It has now become a game of first I'll try mine, then I'll try yours, and now I want yours and nothing to do with mine. As parents we've been trying to do our best to feed her balanced, nutritional meals. But when I personally don't eat really well all the time, it doesn't help the cause.
Last night for instance. I picked Malaia up from my parents house on the way home from work. By the time we get home it's 5:30pm. I leave the house at 5am in the morning. So needless to say I'm tired. Now I have to cook the two of us dinner. I must have stood at the refrigerator for a solid 10 minutes. Trying to come up with something that Malaia would actually eat and not just throw on the floor and point at my supper. In the end I decided to do a little breakfast for dinner. I chose to do breakfast burrittos. My thought was I'll make them the way I like to eat them. If Malaia wants to try them, Great. If not I'll come up with an alternative plan for her once I'm finished. Well she couldn't seem to eat them fast enough. I'm glad she liked them. But I would rather her of had something slightly healthier. Does it come down to us making one thing for dinner, so that she has no alternative if she doesn't want to eat what we've made? What if she doesn't eat at all then?
I know her taste buds are devoloping and changing and more and more teeth are coming in. But how do you get a child who once loved vegetables and potatoes to get her to start eating them again. Aside from trying fattening solutions such as sour cream and french fries. Unfortunately I don't have an endless cookbook stored in my brain. Does anybody have any good ideas or recipes for food to make for a just over one year old child?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

An evening out

We finally had a night out. One with adult interaction. Ever since Malaia was born, Ang and I have had maybe two nights out in the entire first 13 months. Last night would be number 2. We met up with some friends that we don't get to see very often. Dinner and show, a simple but refreshing evening without having to entertain Malaia or have to decipher her baby talk, trying to figure out what it is she's trying to say.
Nope, it was real conversation, with full sized people who speak in crisp clear words. We ended up at the local AMC theathre and went to one of the 9 restaurants that were within the complex. Although, the restaurant was busy we managed to get a table right away in bar area. The only downfall to the whole experience was the super ultra loud music that they had thumping in the background. So we found we were talking quite loud just to hear each other. Who cares! It was sans kiddo.
I think it was a neccessary evening. It had been too long, and as it turns out we have another such evening scheduled for next weekend when get to go to dinner and a concert with 2 other couples that have an 11 month old, and a 4 1/2 month respectivly. I know we've all been looking forward to this for some time. I'm glad it's finally near. The few hour break from the reality of all baby all the time is magnificent.
On a seperate note, we watched the movie Eagle Eye. I really enjoyed it! It was pretty much non stop action for about 90% of the movie. All in all I give it two thumbs up.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hello World! I'll see you soon!

It's funny, I was definitely more relaxed this time than I was when we had Malaia. I remember being so damn nervous in the waiting room at the clinic. I actually felt like I just wanted to get up and run out of there. Mostly because it took so long, and partly because I hate being stuck in an overfull waiting room with a bunch of people that have things wrong with them. I remember getting a little weepy too, when I finally got to see the image on the tiny monitor.
This time though, I was cool as a cucumber(what does that mean?). I didn't get nearly as emotional. But was equally as excited, and found it just as exhilirating as the first time around.. It definitley gave me a sense of pride and accomplishment. It's also made this pregnancy very real to me for the first time. I think I've just kinda of been going through the motions since we found out. I know it has alot to do with Malaia being a complete handful right now.
But there it was on the screen a real live tiny fetus. Instant reality check. Baby #2 is well on it's way and I am super PUMPED!! Malaia is going to have a new baby bro or sis, and our family is going to grow.
Can't wait to actually meet you BABY #2!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Kamakaze kiddo

It's felt like the last week or so has been spent trying to teach Malaia how to "Sit Down". She has begun to climb. I think her favourite thing to do right now is to stand on her chair that she got for her birthday. It's just that it's slightly too high off the ground and she's already fallen once or twice. I realize that she needs to learn on her own, but at what expense? A goose egg or cut gums.
It's also the speed at which she climbs, and the sense of reckless abandon. In a blink of an eye. I watched her climb onto her chair, up on the back of the chair and then onto our end table. Luckily I was really close by, because it went from a potential 16 inch fall into a a 32 inch fall in a matter of seconds.
She also received a little four wheel riding toy that you push around with your legs while you sit on it, and it has buttons that play songs when pushed. She absolutely loves it. But again in a blink of an eye she pushed it to the center of the room and stood up on the seat hands free. It's scary as a parent to think if I hadn't been right there how quickly she could have fallen. Not only was it at a height where she could get hurt, but it was also on wheels so the fall could have been worse if she managaed to roll it at all while she was standing on it.
I wish I could have come up with a funny post about something she did that made me laugh. But like I said it literally feels like I get up, I go to work, I come home, and I spend two hours trying to convince my daughter not to stand on furniture. Hopefully she'll understand soon.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Really?, so I don't have as much time as I thought!

When Ang and I were pregnant with Malaia, we were on the computer at least one to three times a week, checking out our progress on various pregnancy websites. We followed a few in particular that gave us our week to week progress via a due date calculator.
So far during this pregnancy, I have not checked even once to see where baby #2 is at terms of development. I simply believed Angie, when she told me that we were due June 8th, 2009.
We have our first ultrasound next Wednesday morning, and when we were talking about it we thought that this was a couple of weeks too early. I decided to take a look at our trusty website again, and was slightly shocked to find out that Ang was not calculating right. As it turns out we're actually due May 24-27th. Which is really not that much of a difference, but suddenly I had this feeling of running out time.
Yes, I'm well aware that it's a long way away. It's just that these last 2 years have gone by so incredibly fast. I can't help but feel that time is going to continue to speed on by. It is in these moments, that I have the feeling that I haven't had enough time to enjoy Malaia. Suddenly there will two babies, and hopefully Malaia's daddy/daughter time will not have to suffer. I know I have enough love to give both of the kids. I'm just having one of those moments!!