Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tomorrow's the day

Big day tomorrow. Malaia's first birthday party is tomorrow. All she's been talking about for the last three days is how she loves to open up presents and eat cake.. well... maybe not in so many words.
Her actual birthday was on Wednesday. She wasn't feeling all that great. But she still managed to enjoy her first piece of birthday cake with mom and dad. And she didn't know what to make of the presents until we got some of the wrapping paper off, then it was a big pile fun. Although she seemed to like her cards more than the gifts at first. But once we got her brand new fisher price baby grand piano set up, she went ape shit. Clapping, singing, dancing!!! It was hilarious.
Hopefully, she continues on with this new sleep pattern she's gotten herself on. We`re not counting on it, but it sure would be nice.. There`s been 3 nights in a row at about 10-12 hours straight. As long she doesn't dream about her party she should get a good nights rest again. Which we'll need as we have to de-clutter the house tomorrow before everyone shows up.
I can't wait to see her reaction tomorrow it should be priceless!!!

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