Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Now that made me laugh!

In a complex world, filled with never ending chaos, and invariably superfluous chores and tasks. A child's brain is working fervently, attempting to absorb any and every thing that it can possibly learn and retain this information as a process of constant self education.
Malaia, who appears to me, to be learning new things at an astonishing rate. Blew my mind yesterday and set me into a fit of laughter brought on by my immature, childish, never going to grow up inner kid. It was at this moment that I realized how much I love parenting. Forget the sleepless nights, and the crying for no reason moments.
Malaia, simply sat down on the floor, took off her socks and looked at her mom and I. Then she went over to Ang, grabbed her sock and yanked it off. It was then that she bent down put her nose right up against Ang's toes and took a deep sniff. Her nose crinkled, her eyes furrowed. She immediately turned, looked at me for a reaction and when she saw that I was laughing, she broke into a a deep belly laugh. It was so bloody cute. Of course, Ang was taken a back at first, but retribution was had when Malaia made her way over to me and proceeded to administer the very same smell test on my own feet.
I know where she learned it. I was just stunned when she did it. I love being a dad