Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I was relaxed!

I work in construction. I am very sore all the time. After 11 years of slugging drywall my body is a little worse for the wear. But I manage with chiropractic treatments and the help of my beautiful wife who just happens to be a registered massage therapist.
I desperately needed a massage last night. Ang has a table at home, so I was lucky enough that she found it in her heart to help a hubby out. Typically we wait until Malaia has gone to bed. But with this new pregnancy, Ang felt like if she gave me a massage before putting Malaia down that she might just head to bed at the same time.
If you've never seen a massage table it has a headrest with a hole in it for your face, to allow you to be as comfortable as possible, while still being able to breathe. So there I am laying face down on the table. Ang is doing her thing and Malaia is running all around us.
I kept calling Malaia, trying to get her to bend down a little and look up so she could see daddy's face, and every time she heard her name she would pull my ear or slap me in the back of the head. So Ang took it upon herself to show Malaia how to squat ever so slightly and look up at daddy. Needless to say, Malaia thought this was great. She would bend down, and look up over and over again. Then suddenly out of nowhere her little hand shot up and grabbed a hold of my face. Unintentionally but perfectly she managed to get two fingers in my nostrils and her thumb in my mouth. Like a bowling ball. She began to pull down wards. I went from being completely mellowed out, to feeling like I was being attacked with no way of defending myself, as my arms were at my sides on the table. Luckily, Ang reacted fairly quickly to my shouts of discomfort.
Usually a massage is meant to relax you. Not so much this time. Bed time for Malaia will be our first priority next time. Either that or we'll have to sign her up for a bowling league, because her technique was flawless.

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