Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Holiday weekend!

Well the family went up to the cottage this weekend. We don’t live right in the city but we live close enough that when you get the chance to get away, you can really appreciate the splendor and beauty of the outdoors. Especially this time of year when the trees have changed color to vibrant yellows, sunburnt oranges and various shades of vivid reds.
The cottage that we go to is Ang’s parents. It's set back up on a hill, with a fantastic view of the lake. It’s only about 50 steps down to the beach/waterfront. The lake is small enough that there are no big motor boats, sporting rediculous amount of horsepower. As you could probably get around the entire lake in about 15 minutes with a big enough motor. It makes for great paddleboat rides and trips out in the canoe. It’s very peaceful.
Surrounded by trees, the bulk of which are Maple made for an incredible, colourful blanket of fallen leaves covering the ground. It was Malaia’s first experience with the crinkling, crunching noise made by footsteps on the blanket. She was a little apprehensive at first. But it wasn’t long before she was running through the leaves kicking them up and throwing them into the air. Like a tiny little tornado that has just arrived in cottage country.
It really was a near perfect weekend. Malaia came down with her first actual cold. So between playing in the leaves and enjoying long walks, through the woods. The rest of the time was spent wiping her nose and giving her drinks to help with the cough and congestion. I really can't complain. I find it interesting that kids don't know what sick is. So they still go 800 miles an hour, resting only occasionaly. It really is something to see.
Ang and I were talking and find it a little surreal that this time next year, bar any unforseen circumstances will have another baby to enjoy holiday weekends such as this one with. Our lives are changing for the better, by the minute.
It was a fantastic weekend filled with great food, magnificent scenery, and good company. We just hope that Malaia beats this cold, pronto. She's got a big birthday this week and we're hoping she'll be able to enjoy every single bit of it.

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