Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Guy getaway!

I have two really good friends that I've grown up with since we were in grade 3. Once a year we try to set aside a weekend where we hang out up at my one buddy Jay's fathers hunting camp. This past weekend was our annual guys getaway.
Usually the group that ends up at the camp/cottage is quite large. Jay's brother usually has about 5 guys come up. And friends of Jay and Mike, well they invite friends. So it can actually get up to about 30 guys.. This weekend however, there was only about 14 of us. And although it`s a hunting camp we don`t actually hunt. It simply means that the cabin is not quite a cottage that one thinks of when picturing a cottage.
Simply said, I`ve yet to come across a female that actually likes attending the cabin. But it is a great place to get out into nature. The camp sits among 133 acres, and the only way to get into it is by 4X4 truck, ATV or snowmobile depending on the time of year. The alternative to driving in is to park on the main road and walk the 2km trail into the camp lugging in all of your stuff.
We were a little skeptical going in this year. Hank(Jay's father)had told us that in the weeks leading up to our trip that he had seen 3 black bears roaming the property. One of our favorite things to do up there is head out for long walks through the trails. So you can imagine our hike with everyone constantly looking around for fear of being attacked. I find this funny too, because we all know that black bears are not aggressive towards human beings.
We found a little time to get in some target shooting, with the vast array of guns that Hank has in his arsenal. Although you didn't hear that from me. You have to be licensed to shoot guns. In the middle of the bush, in a controlled environment, I found it to be rather entertaining.
I must say though the highlight of my trip came from the laughs we had at my expense. There is a Cedar Sauna beside the main cabin that holds about 16 people. We usually end up out there at least once. So I went out there on Saturday morning. We had the fire going fairly decent and I wanted to pour some water on the rocks to get it good and steamy. I just got to the wood stove when my buddy Tim stuck his head in the door and said "WOW, it's getting really warm in here". Then he turned and left.
I put water on the rocks and thought I'll come back later once it's good and hot.It turned out that Tim had inadvertently locked me in. I'm not claustrophobic by any means. But, instantly my adrenaline kicked in. I was dressed really warm, as it was cool up north this time of year. I began sweating profusely. Weighing my options, the easiest thing for me to do was to sit and wait for someone to come out to the sauna. Or option #2 would be to kick the door open. There was just a wooden spin lock on the outside of the door. Fortunately though, after about ten minutes I could see through a crack in the door that Jay was standing on the deck facing the sauna. So I calmly said "Jay". To which his reply was "why is the door locked?" I told him I had no idea but that I was beginning to evaporate. Long story short, Jay let me out, Tim felt like an ass hat, and we laughed for a good few hours about it.
As good as the trip was to get away from all responsibility and act like an animal. Coming home and being greeted by a huge smile from Malaia and Ang made me realize that although those sorts of trips are necessary to refresh myself. I sure do love being a parent and can't wait until Malaia and baby #2 are old enough that we can do family trips of the same nature.. Camping anyone!

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