Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Now that made me laugh!

In a complex world, filled with never ending chaos, and invariably superfluous chores and tasks. A child's brain is working fervently, attempting to absorb any and every thing that it can possibly learn and retain this information as a process of constant self education.
Malaia, who appears to me, to be learning new things at an astonishing rate. Blew my mind yesterday and set me into a fit of laughter brought on by my immature, childish, never going to grow up inner kid. It was at this moment that I realized how much I love parenting. Forget the sleepless nights, and the crying for no reason moments.
Malaia, simply sat down on the floor, took off her socks and looked at her mom and I. Then she went over to Ang, grabbed her sock and yanked it off. It was then that she bent down put her nose right up against Ang's toes and took a deep sniff. Her nose crinkled, her eyes furrowed. She immediately turned, looked at me for a reaction and when she saw that I was laughing, she broke into a a deep belly laugh. It was so bloody cute. Of course, Ang was taken a back at first, but retribution was had when Malaia made her way over to me and proceeded to administer the very same smell test on my own feet.
I know where she learned it. I was just stunned when she did it. I love being a dad

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Guy getaway!

I have two really good friends that I've grown up with since we were in grade 3. Once a year we try to set aside a weekend where we hang out up at my one buddy Jay's fathers hunting camp. This past weekend was our annual guys getaway.
Usually the group that ends up at the camp/cottage is quite large. Jay's brother usually has about 5 guys come up. And friends of Jay and Mike, well they invite friends. So it can actually get up to about 30 guys.. This weekend however, there was only about 14 of us. And although it`s a hunting camp we don`t actually hunt. It simply means that the cabin is not quite a cottage that one thinks of when picturing a cottage.
Simply said, I`ve yet to come across a female that actually likes attending the cabin. But it is a great place to get out into nature. The camp sits among 133 acres, and the only way to get into it is by 4X4 truck, ATV or snowmobile depending on the time of year. The alternative to driving in is to park on the main road and walk the 2km trail into the camp lugging in all of your stuff.
We were a little skeptical going in this year. Hank(Jay's father)had told us that in the weeks leading up to our trip that he had seen 3 black bears roaming the property. One of our favorite things to do up there is head out for long walks through the trails. So you can imagine our hike with everyone constantly looking around for fear of being attacked. I find this funny too, because we all know that black bears are not aggressive towards human beings.
We found a little time to get in some target shooting, with the vast array of guns that Hank has in his arsenal. Although you didn't hear that from me. You have to be licensed to shoot guns. In the middle of the bush, in a controlled environment, I found it to be rather entertaining.
I must say though the highlight of my trip came from the laughs we had at my expense. There is a Cedar Sauna beside the main cabin that holds about 16 people. We usually end up out there at least once. So I went out there on Saturday morning. We had the fire going fairly decent and I wanted to pour some water on the rocks to get it good and steamy. I just got to the wood stove when my buddy Tim stuck his head in the door and said "WOW, it's getting really warm in here". Then he turned and left.
I put water on the rocks and thought I'll come back later once it's good and hot.It turned out that Tim had inadvertently locked me in. I'm not claustrophobic by any means. But, instantly my adrenaline kicked in. I was dressed really warm, as it was cool up north this time of year. I began sweating profusely. Weighing my options, the easiest thing for me to do was to sit and wait for someone to come out to the sauna. Or option #2 would be to kick the door open. There was just a wooden spin lock on the outside of the door. Fortunately though, after about ten minutes I could see through a crack in the door that Jay was standing on the deck facing the sauna. So I calmly said "Jay". To which his reply was "why is the door locked?" I told him I had no idea but that I was beginning to evaporate. Long story short, Jay let me out, Tim felt like an ass hat, and we laughed for a good few hours about it.
As good as the trip was to get away from all responsibility and act like an animal. Coming home and being greeted by a huge smile from Malaia and Ang made me realize that although those sorts of trips are necessary to refresh myself. I sure do love being a parent and can't wait until Malaia and baby #2 are old enough that we can do family trips of the same nature.. Camping anyone!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's happening again!

When Ang was pregnant with Malaia, I gained around 12 pounds of "sympathy weight". So when we found out that we were pregnant again, the very first thing I did was say to Ang "Please, please do not ask me if I'm hungry, every time you get a craving".
We're now at about 7 1/2 weeks with child #2 and Ang is actually telling me that she is sick of eating. She says she doesn't want to eat every couple of hours, but that it makes her feel better when she does. So my thoughts wander towards, if your sick of eating, why do you ask me, even though I explicitly asked you not to.
I'm not pregnant, I don't need to eat to feel better. But if you continually ask me if I'd like a mini pizza, or a bowl of ice cream. I'm going to crack. I have very limited will power these days, and I enjoy food.
I'm doing everything within my power to resist. I think however, that there is some underlying agenda within Ang's psyche that is pushing her to get me to gain the weight right along with her. After all it is my fault, that she's pregnant. I couldn't keep Mr. Johnson away from that particular meeting, one crisp early September afternoon.
I must not give in to the temptations.. but oh how I love a good slice with cheese and pepperoni.

Friday, October 17, 2008

A good time

There was excitement, there was tears, there was elation and sheer joy. Malaia's birthday party was a complete success. She couldn't have responded any better to the crowd than what she did. Considering she was taking a nap until about a 1/2 hour into the party. When she woke, she was confused for about 15 minutes. Why were all these people in her house. And why were they so excited to see her? However, once she shook off the last vestiges of sleep she went straight into party mode.
There was only one moment during the party when she almost cried and that was again when the cake was brought to her and the candle was lit. I'm o.k. with her being afraid of fire.
I've been told over and over that the second birthday is much better than the first. I believe it. Once again Malaia was completely mesmerized by the cards that came with her gifts. She was spoiled though, and she absolutely loved seeing that she had been given dolls, clothes, games, fridge phonics etc. Once she becomes a little more aware of what a present is. I think it will be a lot more fun for me.
The best part of the whole birthday experience was a chair that she got. She was excited, to the point of not knowing what to do with herself. She'd get on it, get off it, walk away then and look at it, and smile and then start the whole process over again.
All in all great day, great party!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tomorrow's the day

Big day tomorrow. Malaia's first birthday party is tomorrow. All she's been talking about for the last three days is how she loves to open up presents and eat cake.. well... maybe not in so many words.
Her actual birthday was on Wednesday. She wasn't feeling all that great. But she still managed to enjoy her first piece of birthday cake with mom and dad. And she didn't know what to make of the presents until we got some of the wrapping paper off, then it was a big pile fun. Although she seemed to like her cards more than the gifts at first. But once we got her brand new fisher price baby grand piano set up, she went ape shit. Clapping, singing, dancing!!! It was hilarious.
Hopefully, she continues on with this new sleep pattern she's gotten herself on. We`re not counting on it, but it sure would be nice.. There`s been 3 nights in a row at about 10-12 hours straight. As long she doesn't dream about her party she should get a good nights rest again. Which we'll need as we have to de-clutter the house tomorrow before everyone shows up.
I can't wait to see her reaction tomorrow it should be priceless!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Holiday weekend!

Well the family went up to the cottage this weekend. We don’t live right in the city but we live close enough that when you get the chance to get away, you can really appreciate the splendor and beauty of the outdoors. Especially this time of year when the trees have changed color to vibrant yellows, sunburnt oranges and various shades of vivid reds.
The cottage that we go to is Ang’s parents. It's set back up on a hill, with a fantastic view of the lake. It’s only about 50 steps down to the beach/waterfront. The lake is small enough that there are no big motor boats, sporting rediculous amount of horsepower. As you could probably get around the entire lake in about 15 minutes with a big enough motor. It makes for great paddleboat rides and trips out in the canoe. It’s very peaceful.
Surrounded by trees, the bulk of which are Maple made for an incredible, colourful blanket of fallen leaves covering the ground. It was Malaia’s first experience with the crinkling, crunching noise made by footsteps on the blanket. She was a little apprehensive at first. But it wasn’t long before she was running through the leaves kicking them up and throwing them into the air. Like a tiny little tornado that has just arrived in cottage country.
It really was a near perfect weekend. Malaia came down with her first actual cold. So between playing in the leaves and enjoying long walks, through the woods. The rest of the time was spent wiping her nose and giving her drinks to help with the cough and congestion. I really can't complain. I find it interesting that kids don't know what sick is. So they still go 800 miles an hour, resting only occasionaly. It really is something to see.
Ang and I were talking and find it a little surreal that this time next year, bar any unforseen circumstances will have another baby to enjoy holiday weekends such as this one with. Our lives are changing for the better, by the minute.
It was a fantastic weekend filled with great food, magnificent scenery, and good company. We just hope that Malaia beats this cold, pronto. She's got a big birthday this week and we're hoping she'll be able to enjoy every single bit of it.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Scary Animals!

Malaia had her first experience with a birthday party over the weekend. Her cousins, sisters, just turned 5 and 3. So there was a joint party thrown for them on Saturday. It was a pretty good gauge to see how Malaia is going to react at her first birthday party in a week and a half.
She was a little shy at first, but by the end she was hootin and hollering with the rest of the kids. What we did learn though is that Malaia does not like balloons. About halfway through the party my sister(Malaia's aunt) handed my father a a long skinny balloon to make an animal with. I was sitting beside him on another couch with Malaia in my lap. As soon as he started twisting the balloon, Malaia began to shake really hard, and put her head into my shoulder. Needless to say it scared the hell out of me. I immediately asked dad to stop. He did for a moment and then tried again. Same reaction. I actually had to take her out of the house for a moment to calm down. It was as if the sound of the balloons triggered an epileptic seizure. In my mind of course.
She slowly became accustomed to the balloons as the day wore on. But I think that for her party we're going to have to limit the number of balloons we decorate with. And if that was her reaction to that, then I'm not looking forward to her first experience with a clown.
I realize that she is going to be scared of a lot of things in her life. I intend to be there for her, and comfort her. But balloons? Especially when dad who has a a dirtier mind than I have, turns his balloon into a penis in a basket. I was little scared too!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I was relaxed!

I work in construction. I am very sore all the time. After 11 years of slugging drywall my body is a little worse for the wear. But I manage with chiropractic treatments and the help of my beautiful wife who just happens to be a registered massage therapist.
I desperately needed a massage last night. Ang has a table at home, so I was lucky enough that she found it in her heart to help a hubby out. Typically we wait until Malaia has gone to bed. But with this new pregnancy, Ang felt like if she gave me a massage before putting Malaia down that she might just head to bed at the same time.
If you've never seen a massage table it has a headrest with a hole in it for your face, to allow you to be as comfortable as possible, while still being able to breathe. So there I am laying face down on the table. Ang is doing her thing and Malaia is running all around us.
I kept calling Malaia, trying to get her to bend down a little and look up so she could see daddy's face, and every time she heard her name she would pull my ear or slap me in the back of the head. So Ang took it upon herself to show Malaia how to squat ever so slightly and look up at daddy. Needless to say, Malaia thought this was great. She would bend down, and look up over and over again. Then suddenly out of nowhere her little hand shot up and grabbed a hold of my face. Unintentionally but perfectly she managed to get two fingers in my nostrils and her thumb in my mouth. Like a bowling ball. She began to pull down wards. I went from being completely mellowed out, to feeling like I was being attacked with no way of defending myself, as my arms were at my sides on the table. Luckily, Ang reacted fairly quickly to my shouts of discomfort.
Usually a massage is meant to relax you. Not so much this time. Bed time for Malaia will be our first priority next time. Either that or we'll have to sign her up for a bowling league, because her technique was flawless.