Friday, September 19, 2008

Our first cold, kind of!

I started feeling a little ill on Thursday afternoon. By Friday morning, I knew I had caught something from the flu family. I went off to work feeling o.k., thanks to 2 cups of coffee and some ibuprofen. My job is very physically demanding, and by the end of the day I was absolutely spent. I felt horrible, and after the 1 hour drive home I was ready to just lay down.
From our front door you can look directly down the hall and into the kitchen. Between the end of the hall and the kitchen there is a baby gate. I walked in the front door, and stood there holding my lunch pail and looked right at Ang who was standing in the kitchen, and Malaia who was at the baby gate. I proclaimed "I don't feel well" and was immediately banished to the basement.
This is the first time that I have been really sick since Malaia was born. She's never been sick at all. So I was sad that I couldn't give her a big hug and a tickle like I do everyday when I get home. I did not want her feeling the way I did, so I complied. To the basement I went.
It wasn't completely bad. I was given a walkie talkie with which to communicate with the family and when it was time to eat there would come a knock at the door. I would have to wait 30 seconds and then retrieve my food. Then a quick page on the walkie talkie, and the dishes would magically disappear, from where they came a few moments earlier..
O.k. maybe I embellished a little.. I did sleep in the basement for a couple of nights. I did not want either Ang or Malaia to catch what I had caught. And the basement is fully furnished with satellite TV and bathroom complete with bathtub.. So the hardest part was keeping away from my girls as much as possible.
Malaia ended up with a runny nose for about one whole day and a tiny little cough. I wish I had that kind of an immune system. I was and am still battling a fever, and a deep hacking, mucous producing cough. If my math adds up. I've also gone through about 4 1/2 boxes of Kleenex's as well.
I hated to stay away but it was for the best. Malaia came away having fought and won her first battle with a flu bug. Ang showed symptoms for about 3 hours as well.. And I ended up with two reasonably good nights sleep, and no poopy diapers to deal with for 3 whole days.