Thursday, September 25, 2008

Great News!

O.k. I can't contain my excitement any longer. I promised I'd wait to say anything. But It's the only thing on my mind the last couple of weeks. So I'm finding it hard to carry on blogging without mentioning what is happening in my day to day. I'm very happy to announce that Ang and I are pregnant again. It's very early in the pregnancy and I don't want to jinx it but I just need the world to know.
I came home from work a week ago Friday. Proceeded with my daily ritual of handing Ang the mail over the baby gate, removing my boots, putting away my lunch pail and feeding the cats. So when I finally got to the kitchen and was about to give Ang a kiss, I noticed a home made card on the table. It's front read "To Daddy". I opened it up and it was a card from Malaia telling me how much she loved playing with me, hugging me and the way I take care of her. AND then it said and now there will be two of us to do these things with. Cue-HUGE SMILE
We had an inkling that we might be pregnant. So when I read the card I was completely shocked. But I was very, very happy. I still can't stop smiling.
Ang decided earlier on in the day that she was going to take a home pregnancy test. Her intentions were to pee on the stick, set it aside. Have a shower and then look at the results. Apparently it read positive before she even set it down.Of course I was all like, "why didn't you wait for me?" Then I proceeded to the upstairs bathroom and looked in the garbage. Sure enough there was a test in there that read undeniably, irrefutably positive. Instant believer.
Our first actual doctors appointment for this pregnancy is today. There is no question we are pregnant though. Ang is already feeling like she needs to eat constantly all day. Simply to feel better. Having gone through this very recently we are very familiar with the signs and symptoms, they are still fresh in our minds.
FumblingthroughFatherhood at is expanding and now with some good fortune, In the not too distant future I will have twice as much to write about. In the meantime, Malaia is now less then 2 weeks away from turning one. Which means that I will be father to 2 children under the age of 2. So if you'll excuse me I need to go to bed and rest because I'm being told by everyone that I won't get any sleep for about the next 4 years...