Monday, September 15, 2008

Going on 1!

Time is flying by so fast. My little girl is going to be turning one next month. What does one get a baby girl on her first birthday? She has her favourite toys. I'm certain that any learning and developmental toys at this point would be helpful.
On one hand I'd like to go out and buy her the world for her first birthday. But will she remember... not likely. Do you just let grandmothers and grandfathers spoil her? Do I just get her a giant box as I had said in earlier post? Maybe cut some windows in it. Perhaps a skylight.
She's already learning to problem solve. We have the safety latches on our cupboard doors, in the kitchen but not in the bathroom yet. What we do though, is put one of Ang's hair elastics over the knobs on the double doors under the sink. She's already figured out that if she can get the door open as far it will go(about 2-3 inches) she can hold it with one hand, and use her other hand to slide it into the cupboard to grab whatever she can reach. It's usually mommy's hairbrush or a package of band aids. Note to self install latches immediately.
Maybe I should build her a mini stage for her birthday. I'm pretty sure she's going to be a performer when she grows up. This cute little dancing phase that she's going through right now seems to just keep blossoming into new moves each and everyday. I'm sure most baby's do this? But Malaia dances if you tap your feet on the floor in any kind of pattern or rhythm. And for whatever reason, she really likes the theme song to Hannah Montana. SO the best part of my day right now is turning the TV to that show as it begins. Malaia stops whatever she's doing and gets the biggest smile on her face, followed by a short dance and clap routine. It really cracks me up.
I've got it. I think what she needs is her own little football jersey. She sure seems to like mine when I put it on to watch some Sunday afternoon football..
At least I have some time still.. Although I'm pretty sure she wants a jersey. We'll see what mom thinks and then we'll go get her that I'm sure.