Saturday, September 13, 2008

Daddy Day Spa!

I'd like to know if it's just Malaia, or perhaps other children do this too. For no apparent reason, when Malaia was a little younger I think around the 3 month mark. I would get her to calm by down by rubbing her feet. It didn't seem to matter how worked up she was. Whether it be excited, or upset. I would simply take her and lay her down in front of me and rub the bottom of her feet. She would instantly go quiet, and give me a look like "yeah, that's the spot"....
Does this work for every child? Seriously. I think if you have a young child and they are acting up you should definitely give it a try. I use a fair amount of pressure too. SO don't be afraid to rub a little harder.
My only concern is that I'm setting Malaia up for a life of pampering. I suppose if we don't tell her about pedicures, well then she might be alright. I could see me 25-30 years from now having a conversation with her significant other about how often she goes to the spa, and how much it is costing them.
In the meantime I still do it today. Even at 11 months, she'll lay completely still and not say a word. Until the massage is over. Then it's a more laid back, subdued child not screaming, kicking, grabbing or tormenting the cats..
I find it works on Ang too. Whenever she is having one of those days. A quick foot rub and she forgets all about her troubles and our home retains it's somewhat perfect balance.
Now if I could only get someone to grab a hold of my hoofs..Life would be perfect.

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